Always around us

I barely slept a wink last night, my mind racing with random thoughts, ideas, inspirations…
On awakening everything was still a bit wobbly, I was banging into things, tripping up, spilling things!!!
Don’t worry, I wasn’t drunk… It is normal for me to feel like this the day before Full Moon!
On days like these I have to just allow things to be as they are.
This morning I thoroughly enjoyed a tranquil Primary Series to settle my soul.
I feel this moon cycle is an important one for us all to observe.
Not only is it the first Full Moon of 2010 but it is also a bit like a second chance at starting again this gregorian year.
The full moon represents the peak of the cycle in terms of energy and so it is a time to ‘break through’ barriers as opposed to making new beginnings…
However, with this also being a marker for the end of the dark winter and the approach is made for Spring, I think we should all be given a second chance, right!?

With the full moon on our door steps tomorrow morning I am excitedly planning a very special Yoga Flow class!
(The actual full moon being at 6:18am)
The moon will by 9am be a fraction past it’s peak yet it’s pull on us mere mortals will still be strong.
Usually in yoga traditions yoga asana practice is avoided completely due to the energy of the body being a little tested.
Since the moon has such a powerful effect on us if you do choose to practice, take it easy and be VERY AWARE as any injuries incurred will take longer to heal.
Choose a very fluid yet focused practice to balance you out for the rest of the day…. and hey, don’t fight the moon, he’s a lot bigger than you!

Why not come along to Stockbridge House for Yoga Flow 9am-10:30am!
This class is designed to carry you through the day and perhaps the rest of the year on a much more positive and uplifted note!
We will break through any stagnancys’ and leave feeling truly alive!
I have also decided that this class is by donation of whatever you can afford for those of you who are not able to afford full recommended donation of £10.
The more the merrier! This is in actual fact an appeal…! Please come, the more shiny souls I can gather for this event the better!

FYI: Mars and the full moon pair up to provide a grand celestial spectacle tonight. The red planet, now 62 million miles from Earth, will be at its brightest this year as it lines up opposite the sun. At around 9pm TONIGHT, Mars will be above and to the left of the moon, about the length of an outstretched fist away. Mars is looking really quite red and impressive at the moment, and the moon will be full. It’s going to be a great sight . A pair of binoculars and a clear out-of-town sky will reveal an added bonus – the “beehive” star cluster – between the two objects.

Thanks also to all of you who responded so kindly to my last post 🙂
Big Full Moon Style Love
S xxx

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