A smoooooth start to February

Sometimes my blog can wonder off into all kinds of realms…
Last week was the full moon, it can also be known to touch on all levels of experience!
Today I wanted to keep it right down at base level… dry skin!?!
Why am I focusing on such a random subject?
Well, this week I re-discovered the hidden powers of body brushing and massaging…
It’s the simple little things that we do for our body that can make such a huge difference.
I personally have quite challenged circulation and am prone to dry skin too… it’s just the way I am built, but it is totally preventable!!!
This week I was in shoulder stand (of all places!) and it dawned on me (alas a bit later than i’d of liked!)…
Skin brushing!
So, I headed down to Neals Yard Remedies and got myself a brand new skin brush:
And a massage mit for in the shower afterwards:
Both are made from organic materials and totally chemical free 🙂 so that keeps me even happier!
So, how do you proceed?
It’s so so so simple…
1) Use the body brush, gently on your skin (you will know how hard to brush by making sure not to ‘scratch’ the skin).
Brush TOWARDS your heart centre, up your legs, arms, bum, belly, plus in a circular motion on the belly will help get your gut flowing smoothly too.

Neals Yard Says…

· Gently exfoliating
· Stimulates the circulation
· Improves skin tone and texture
· Natural plant fiber bristles
· Sustainably sourced beech wood

2) Jump in the shower and use the massage mit wet (I choose to go without soap, the simpler the better!). Do the same sequence you did with the brush except this time you can rub a bit harder. This will lift away all those old, dead, wintery, skin cells and leave you squeeky (yes squeeky) clean!!!

Neals Yard says…

• Exfoliating
• Boosts circulation
• Made from natural flax fibres

So, happy rejuvenating everyone!
Love and shininess!
Susan x


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