What? Me? INJURED?! NOOOOOooo!

I would never normally write on a day were I feel like this so that is why it is for sure the day to write!
For those of you out there who think your yoga teacher is a flawless example of serenity you are much mistaken!
Last night while teaching I must have done something a bit dodgey because post class my wrist began to swell up and ache like nothing before!
At first I was quite calm and thought, oh well, just a wee tweek, it will be right again in the morning…
I was wrong.
This morning I woke in the foulest MOOD ever!
Not only that but my wrist is so sore I cannot bare weight on it at all!
Still, I managed to do a few stretches in place of my usual morning practice.
When I was relaxing at the end my mind was crazy with chit chat about how silly I had been to demonstrate while teaching last night, a posture that needs warming up for and full attention. I beat myself up for a full 10 minutes of what was supposed to be Savasana (relaxation time) worrying about the rest of today… lots to do, yoga to teach, blah blah blah
How silly!
I started to laugh and now, here I am smiling away and seeing for myself how easily the mind takes over and gets you into a right state. I must admit I am still in a ‘MOOD’ today, but I am working on it 😉
So, I am instead going to enjoy this glorious OPPORTUNITY to discover what it feels like to have a sprained wrist, be in a mood and angry 🙂
After that I will use the EXPERIENCE to evolve and expand into myself even more by laughing lots and seeing that this is all just an illusion anyway and I am the one creating it.
Blissful thoughts… yes, think blissful thoughts.
Big love 🙂
S xxx


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