Healing with Wholefoods

Following my blessing on Tuesday with an injury I have been carefully modifying my yoga practice, making sure not to put too much weight on the sprained wrist.
It’s been a great couple of days, and I mean that, learning about new techniques for all of the arm balances and weight baring postures.
However, I have to say, this week has also given me yet another reason to jump and shout about how magical a whole food and a raw food diet truly is.
Not only do I focus on my intake being raw, un-pasturised and of corse, organic, but I also ensure that it is highly alkalizing.
I avoid acidity where possible.
Everyone knows acid isn’t something you want to bathe in so I make sure all my tissues are immersed in an alkaline ocean of oxygen and pure living enzyme rich foods.
Almost 100% of people I know would usually take much more than 1 week to recover from a sprained wrist. Not only that but they would probably ( first things first) reach for a pain killer and maybe a glass of wine to make them feel better (both acid forming and in no way helpful for the situation!).
I can honestly say after only 2 days I am almost 100% better. This morning I practiced full primary series. I used my fists a few times but generally was able to weight bare with both hands flat on the floor (consider Wednesday morning I could not do that at all!). MAGIC!?
No, just the usual, I FEASTED of enzyme rich, alkalizing foods, plus lots of yummy super foods (goji berries, cacao, maca, acai and so on).
I can only say that this is another example of the magical healing powers of whole foods, alkalizing the blood and therefore tissues.
Super foods are there to help rebuild, nourish and maximize your potential naturally plus they can be added to your usual way of living easily.
What a great week of learning and healing 🙂
Hope everyone who reads this gets something useful from it.
Remember Acid comes from acid thoughts too causing stress, not just acid foods!
Smile, laugh (highly alkalizing) and do what makes you feel sparkly 🙂
Big love
S xxx

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