Nothing like a bit of Quantum physics to start the day ;)

When I was at at University I studied Applied Sports Science.
I never found it easy to accept the science of it all (not very handy considering it was a BSc!).
Looking back now I see that I was resisting the limitations of Scientific research.
To me there was always something missing and it was usually the thing they were not measuring… but that’s because it wasn’t possible to measure it all in the first place… more on this in a moment…
It was not until my first trip to India that I ever heard the word ‘Quantum Physics’ or ‘Meta-physics’.
I had made a hasty exit from uni some 6 months earlier, breathing a big sigh of relief that I no longer had to sit at the back cringing every time I heard the word, ‘statistics’.
Within the first 2 weeks of being in India I met a very spiritual man who often gave ‘satsang’ (theoretical/philosophical discussion of yoga) at the end of class.
He was very interested in Quantum physics. I found this kind of discussion so interesting and instead of feeling that resistance I had felt at Uni, I felt a sense of freedom and peacefulness. Having said that my mind still could not fully compute. There was still a tiny part of me that felt unsatisfied with this new way of explaining things.
And that was exactly it… it was the explaining of things that was getting to me.
You see, even this right now is a little difficult to put down in words because it is the words themselves that start this feeling of limitation. On the physical realm, trying to verbalize the realms out side of that is impossible!
I recently heard a quantum physicist say:

“If you want to see fear in a quantum physicist eyes, just mention the words, ‘The Measurement Problem’… An atom only appears in a particular place, if you measure it… In other words… An atom is spread out all over the place, until a conscious observer decides to look at it so the act of measurement or observation creates the entire universe.”

So, how on earth does this tie in to a blog that is supposed to be about yoga?!
Well, this morning when practicing I had this statement whirring around in my mind.
I noticed that, each time I came into a posture that I find physically ‘hard’ I would move my awareness away from the place that was resisting and into a new sensation. From here I watched and witnessed as the blockages that I have been placing so much attention on, start to melt away.
The tightness around that point eased off.
Ok, it did not vanish but I for a moment witnessed what I believe to be the true quantum-ness of the physical body. That which we pay attention to, we will reinforce and give more reason to be there in the first place!
Suppose for a second that every thing we associate with our selves that make us ‘ME’ (the Universe as we know it) instantly dropped away?
What would be left?
You could turn your awareness to anything… from the tiniest twinge in your toes to a so called terminal illness…
Placing your consciousness on that thing will simply reinforce it.
So without making too many people feel attacked I hope I will ask you this…
Will you still need the doctor to tell you there is something wrong with you?
Will you still need all those memories you are holding on to? Why?
What will you be without your injury?
What will you be without your solid identity?
If I go by what that quantum physicist says, it might look something like lots of spread out atoms?!
Sounds pretty fluid and flowing to me!
And isn’t this why you practice yoga? Or try to get healthy? To be fluid and free?
I could easily try and write more about this, forever ending up where I started but there’s no point.
Maybe watch this video if you want to hear more,

Just have a lovely day being free!!!
Big Love S xxx

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