2012; Just Allow

For those of you who were at Yoga Flow on Saturday morning will perhaps remember my mention of the Mayan Calander?
Well, I thought you might be interested to hear more from a source that I have returned to time and time again.
Over the past couple of weeks I have had some spare time to watch these videos again.
So, to take the pressure off me for once (plus it’s sometime better if you hear/see it from someone else!).
Cue Ian Xel Lungold…
The following two YouTubes can be watched as a playlist back to back.
So, sit back, relax and allow the controversy of 2012 dissolve away.
Yes, the ‘world as we know it’ is coming to an end but that doens’t mean that ‘the wolrd is coming to an end’…
Just ‘as we know it’… That’s all!
Well, watch on and find out more.
Remember the key is just to allow.
Big love x

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