Pay attention

Today is about paying attention.
This way you will always make good choices.
Because what you pay attention to, you will become conscious of.
I sometimes wonder why the big Raw Food advocates you find online/in books, make it out like eating raw food is ‘hard’ to do and a challenge to take on.
I often get asked how hard it was for me and it is always a strange question to answer because I knew from the outset if I thought that way, that’s how it would be. So the answer is, ‘not at all’.
I decided, yes DECIDED (we make our own choices always) not to let the ‘hard’ part come into the equation.
Eating raw foods (un-cooked, un-processed) is as simple as you make it.
All you have to do is use your common sense.
How do you feel after you eat a big cooked dinner?
How do you feel after you eat a morning smoothy? (see yesterdays blog for a recipe, it’s EASY!)
The answer is there for you but do we want to be honest and acknowledge that the ‘reasons’ for things are just holding us back?
Sometimes I have to write like this because some people just don’t hear when I tip toe around the subject of health.
It’s time to take control of your life.
Excuses won’t get you healthy.
You don’t have to do it all at once.
It’s about removing the things from your life that DON’T evolve you any or the things that make you feel sluggish, slow and depleted!
This can be a food OR EVEN a person or a THING or an emotion!!!
Simple common sense is all it takes (intuition) by just changing one thing a day… it can’t fail to work.
The world is changing fast, do you want to keep up and have fun or fall behind and become reliant on distractions.
You choose the way to go so you have the power to go a way that will make you happy.
It’s up to you but you can do it.
Big love
S xxx

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