Look it up

It has been unbelieveable how many people in my life over the last 2 months have told me that they or someone they know are seriously unwell or think they may be heading that way.
It is for this reason that I choose to focus my blog posts on getting healthy.
What else can I do!?!
Well, you see in doing so, not only am I following my heart and doing a service I feel is invaluble, it also helps me remind myslef of the powers and importance of a natural approach to health and healing.
I feel it is my duty and honour to pass on all that I have learned to everyone who wants to hear it in order to try and offer up alternatives.
Alternatives to what?
Well, this is the problem I think.
When we become unwell we instantly think that the doctor MUST have the answers… right?
Well, it is my experience that they would much rather offer a plaster than a opportunity to really heal ourselves.
Maybe these mighty warriors of the NHS have no clue what they are supporting and they actually just want to try and fix things.
Whatever it is they are trying to do, it doesn’t seem to be working.
To cut a long and hugely deep cavern of reasons and examples short… the point is there is an alternative…
No matter what illness anyone comes to me with now, be it of the mind or the body, the answer is 99.9% simple and straight forward and always starts with the same simple step.
Look it up.
Depression, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, osteoperosis, aging, anxiety, ulcers, you name it…
All of these things THRIVE in ACID
They are all a sign that SOMETHING is out of balance.
Now, that something could be anything but I am more than sure it will be directly linked to your acid/alkaline balance.
Have a think about all the things in life that could be causing acidity in the human body…
Work, fear, sadness, lack of sleep, sugar, coffee, meat (our so called ‘rewards’!), lack of sunlight, pollution, frustration, pressure, time, guilt, and throw on top of all that some more ‘rewards’ to make us feel better… smoking, alcohol, drugs and some more guilt to finish us off…
I am not seeing much alkalinity in that lot.
Look it up.
I will remind you, illness can not and will not survive in a happy, fearless, open hearted, sun shined upon, healthy, oxygen rich,  alkaline body.. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!
All we have to do is change the balance.
I have seen it for myself with my own 2 eyes and it works.
Do it now and you won’t regret it.
Doctors will offer you a pill with a price tag on your health.
I am not a doctor I am your friend and I simply want you to be well and come out the other side with the things you need (body parts, mind, and spirit in tact).
Please look it up look it up look it up!
S xxx
PS) I have to share this with you as I am just about to be the proud owner of one of these. I don’t expect everyone to go out and buy one, I just think this old gal is cool 🙂

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