Welcome to my new home

Well, today I am very excited.
I never thought I’d be the one saying this…
I have a brand new shiny website!

HUGE THANKS and ADMIRATION goes out to Emma who is the mastermind and creative genius behind these pages. I am so grateful for all your time and hard work and more than happy with the way it has come together…

BIG THANKS and LOVE to Susan, the photographer who managed to keep me still for more than 5 minutes and get some beautiful shots, thank you thank you!

So, have a look around and explore the new bits and pieces for yourself.

The blog is still here and each time you land here you can update yourself with all the news from wee-yogi central!

You can shop on line for your classes too, so that will save us from fussing about with funny bits of paper at the start and end of class!

There’s lots more to come so watch this space (Retreat news, video blogs to help you practice at home, hundreds more hours of me rambling plus much much more! ;))

Big love and enjoy!
S xxx


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