Find a Spring this Spring!

It has been quite a while since my last post on the blog and no wonder!
The last few weeks have been absolutely full of new experiences and discoveries.
There have been times when I wanted to write a blog but sometimes it felt like there was almost too much to condense into one sitting (as usual I suppose!).
So finally, as the dust starts to settle just a little I have decided to try and pull it all together and perhaps unfold whats been happening over the next few weeks.

Since going back to teaching yoga full-time my attention has been allowed to wonder off to many avenues I have for the last couple of year kept waiting.
Most of my friends and students friends know me as Susan the ‘raw foodist’ since I don’t cook my food, but it is much simpler than that. My life has become so much more about what I do and pay attention to than what I eat.
I feel it is with this simplicity of living (beyond just what I eat) that I have found the possibility of living with a much deeper connection to my source.
As the complications of daily stresses fall away, the simple needs of life become more and more clear to me, especailly now that I am having the opportunity not only to talk about it but actually experience it too!
I recently made a conscious choice to stop and think before I act. It doesn’t sound like much but when I say this it doesn’t just mean by thinking before using an extra plastic bag at the supermarket!

The perfect example of this was not so long ago when I decided to get rid of my mobile phone.
Primarily this was a health choice, I didn’t want to be radiated anymore… but it also just made sense.
People are always complaining of having so little time/money.
I wonder how much more time and money you would have in a month if you didn’t use your phone?
The results for me have been huge.
It literally feels like a weight has been lifted from me!

Sometimes we decide not to make a change because we are scared of the outcome.
For me I always ask myself first “What’s the worst that could happen?” if the answer is quite silly I tend to make the change as I know it’s just my programmed mind stopping me from moving on!

Since the mobile got dumped, this descision to use my intuition and choose before I ‘do’ has led to other changes in my life.
(See my blog post ‘simple steps’)
After learning more and more about spring water Steve and I have finally managed to find ourselves the first of many springs in Scotland and we are really going for it!

You see, it is not just your food that is cooked to be killed, it is your water too.
Most people would say, well, water is just water….
Or is it?
Did you know that within minutes the water you drink becomes the blood in your veins?
If that were true, what kind of water do you want for your blood?
For a while I have personally been drinking ‘RODI’ water.
You can look it up but this is simply the purest water you can get from a tap. It has been ultra filtered and de-ionized to remove any particulates in the water that are not water. However, it also costs a huge amount to buy the system for your home, but it was the best I could get for a long time.
RODI tastes so different, so pure and fresh, you know you’re free from any nasty’s they’ve added to our water. But, it was still not living enough for me and Steve to drink.

From here, finding fresh water springs just seemed like a natural progression.
The water that comes from the tap has been through so much processing that when it reaches us it is literally dead.
Water has always been a living thing, it is the life of the earth.
Without water there is no life.
Removing water from anyone or anything will cause it to shrivel up and die. Therefore adding dead water to a living thing will never give it the life it needs and deserves.
We all deserve to have the best water we can get.
We all deserve to have access to the source.
Why then is it so hard to get to?

Last weekend was our second adventure to a local spring.
We went to Carlops just outside of Edinburgh City, near Penicuik.

The water we gathered has lasted us a week now and has made such a difference to how we both feel.
I think each spring will hold a different energy that I am sure will be felt quite strongly.

Spring water has the memory of a life deep under the Earth.
It is held for sometimes many thousands of years in huge underground lakes before it finally makes it’s journey to reach us through piles of bedrock which filter and purify away any unwanted debris, leaving us with the minerals we need.
On the other hand you could drink tap water, after all it’s safer isn’t it? Full of chlorine and fluoride, chemical matters such as hormones, pesticides and pharmaceutical drugs. Not to mention it’s wonderful memories of water treatment facitiities, hundreds of years of recycling through millions of different humans and man made needs.
Ok, I get it, it’s ‘hard’ to find an alternative?
Well, that’s what this post is all about today…

If you decide to take control of your life, your health, your own future, of corse it won’t be easy if you allow yourself to also be controlled by what we think is the only way.
A bit like me and my mobile phone, I was worried before I got rid of it that it might be hard!
How would I contact anyone when I was out and about?
What if something ‘bad’ happens to me and I can’t PHONE anyone to TELL THEM RIGHT AWAY!? 😉
I tell you what though, it’s not ‘hard’ it is just different and new but you feel better and you’re not being hypnotized anymore (more on hypnotism another day!)….

But anyway, the point is, when you stop doing the things you think you have to do and start doing the things you feel are best for you, truley honestly BEST for YOU…
You’ll see…

I believe that like our food, we should always try to get the most local water we can find.
So, please do hunt out your nearest spring now!
Tomorrow we’re off to Scotlandwell in Fife to collect our next batch of spring water.
You can find out more about spring water on:
This is a great website created by Daniel Vitalis.
Daniel Vitalis has done a great job at reeducating us about the importance of fresh spring water from your local spring.
He has lots of info on his website:
Plus tons of amazing spring related YouTubes:

I will let you know how we get on tomorrow!
So before I go, I hope you all enjoyed reading a little about springs, but the main point is, it is time for us all to start making choices about how we want to live.
There are so many ways you can do this we’ve just got to break out of the habits and do something different.
One step at a time.
Good luck!
S xxx


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