… And how better could they have put it?!
The Scotlandwell in Leven, Fife, truly was a wonderful find.
Scotland really would be ‘well’ if we all drank this stuff.

Today we drove over the bridge late afternoon with the sun shining for a gorgeous spring day!
We gathered a whopping 40 liters in about 2 minutes and enjoyed watching the bubbling phenomenon coming up from the depths of this ancient but highly revered well.

It has been said that, when the Romans were in this area as long ago as 84AD they probably stopped at this well to rest and ‘take the waters’. A hospital was established on the site by the Red Friars in 1250 and the well became a popular destination for pilgrims, one of whom was Robert the Bruce who was hoping for a cure for his leprosy. The waters were believed to cure a wide range of afflictions including arthritis.

Our fancy scientific equipment told us that this spring has a balanced TDS reading of 179 which shows it is more than likely rich in many minerals.
Many people have asked me, are you not afraid of contamination?
Not this water.
The fact that it has come straight from the source and is constantly flowing means this is the first light it has seen in possibly thousands of years.
The earth has done it’s work and filtered this living water.
It is now bubbling up in abundance to offer us ultimate health and well being.
Water that has ‘touched the dirt’ is of much higher quality than any treated and contaminated water you get from the tap or even fallen rain water which is often highly acidic.
Scotlandwell comes in at a beautiful pH of 8.3, no wonder it is so healing.
Anyone looking to heal and alkalize should get to Leven in Fife as soon as they can well prepared with as many of the best quality glass water vessels they can find!

So, time to settle back and relax enjoying a nice glass of living water.
Mmm mmm, tastes good to me!
Plus, what a great feeling to have foraged for my water and not relyd on miles of pipes and water treatment only to smell chlorine and worry about what else might be in there.

The main thing that always hits me the most when I see a spring is how giving it is.
Just like mother nature has always provided for us, she continues to do so without asking anything in return. Maybe it’s time to give something back and preserve these natural springs before they vanish mysteriously or are made out of our reach.

Be well be happy everyone and welcome to spring!
Big peace S x


2 thoughts on “Scotlandwell

  1. scott young says:

    Hi guys

    just found this wee posting by your good Selves…

    i’m fortunate enough to live just a few miles from this fountain of life and have been drinking nothing but this water for around 9 years now…. always knew it was mighty fine, but good to read of the scientific data…. remember steve sharing a wee bit about your findings but i’d forgotten the details and was sharing what i could wit ha friend who travels from glasgow to fill up her bottles when she can.

    can you tell me where to get decent sized glass containers…. i’m thinking demi johns… have been using food grade plastic tubs but would prefer glass for sure.

    with love


    • wee yogi says:

      Hey Scott,
      Sure 🙂 we got ours here: in Edinburgh but you need to ask specifically for them and they take about 6 weeks to arrive. Worth the wait though, they are sooooo beautiful! They also supply you with a special basket to carry them into your car (it’s heavy in glass!!!)
      Big Love, Susan x

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