Basic Sun Salutation

For those of you who are currently practicing with me on a beginners course, here is an invaluable tool…
David Swenson is a great teacher.
He offers a light hearted approach yet has many gems of wisdom for us all.
Here you can use his guidance through the first basic Sun Salutation, Surya Namaskara A.
So, even if you have been practicing for years, whip out the lap top, don your favorite yoga gear and swim through your sun salutations every day.

Don’t forget the key to yoga is breath and of corse…

Now you have no excuses 😉

And if you’re aware it’s full moon this Tuesday (more on that coming up) try putting the You Tube on loop 108 times, just for a little help through that famous tradition of 108 Sun Salutations 😉 tee hee!
No seriously, if you are doing it this Tuesday, don’t forget, just ONE breath in downward facing dog… otherwise you’ll still be there later that afternoon!
108 will feel best fluid and constant, completed in just around about 1 hour.

Finally, I still have a couple of David Swensons ring bound books left for sale (The Practice Manual) plus his inspirational DVD (The Primary Series).
If you are interested contact me.
They’re both selling for a bargain price of £12!

Hope you have a blissful evening 🙂


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