The Tide Rises! Inhale!

Tomorrow (Tuesday 30th March) will be full moon.
The 2 weeks preceding, as the moon is ‘waxing’ towards full is a time of regeneration, absorption and supplying.
Another way to look at the cycles of the moon would be to compare it to one cycle of breath.
The waxing moon (towards full) is like the inhalation.
During this time in the cycle, energy and strength is gathered.

The closer to full moon, the more powerful the effects.
Therefore, as we reach the peak of this cycle the body absorbs easily.
I have often referred to the tide as reflection of the moon cycles also.
This clearly shows the rise of the internal tide within each of us.
And, like the crest of the inhale, the tide of the body also reaches it’s peak.
Hence, water accumulates quicker in the tissues on this day, the connective tissue becomes weak and so any healing from injury incurred on this day, will perhaps take a little longer than usual.
The full moon has also always been known as a time of high energy.
So, if you are so inclined to practice yoga, or perform any physical exertion, make sure you go gently on yourself to avoid long lasting aches and pains.

Staying in tune with the moon is almost as crucial as staying in tune with your breath cycle.
Think of the inhale as an opportunity to choose what you absorb and take in.
On the full moon, as you reach the top of your inhale, the possibilities and potential is at it’s greatest.
This is a great day to fast, gather strength, prepare and plan.

Following the full moon we enter the time of detoxification, clearing, consolidation and thus, the exhale.
We can follow a similar intuitive flow into the waning moon (approach to the new moon).

Use this time to wash out all that has been holding you back.
Detoxify not only your physical body but also your mind.
You can take the 14 days following this full moon to start to home in on what you need to wipe away from the windows that has been preventing you from seeing what’s outside!
Extend this detox to your house, your garden and any other kind of ‘inbox’ you might have in your life.

For more info on what it means to be in tune with the moon check out this wonderful book ‘Moon Time’.
As we move away from living in rhythm with unnatural cycles which are forced upon us, this book is an invaluable source.
I have been inspired to listen more carefully to my inner cycles.
It offers all kinds of ideas and wisdom to help you come back to your intuitive rhythms as a way to live and thrive!

Big Love S x


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