Moon Juice!

Well, believe it or not it is full moon today, even if you cannot see it through the thick layers of grey clouds that seem to have taken over Edinburgh!
Don’t feel bad if you are staring out the window preying for sun shine, you are not the only one!
So, what better kind of day than this to stay in and enjoy a more lunar approach to your life?
Hatha yoga symbolizes the union of the sun (ha) and the moon (tha), and, in practice, lunar refers to the calming, slower-paced, and internal poses which will offer a rejuvenative reward.
It is my personal tradition to pay homage to the full moon with a meditative 108 salutes to the sun.
Trust me, over time this becomes a very rejuvenating thing to do once a month!
It felt smooth and peaceful followed by revealing and full of hidden gems of wisdom.
I get so much from practicing like this as the answers you are searching for externally just seem to bubble up from inside.
As these answers arrive at the surface you then have to acknowledge them.
Learn from them
… and then step forward…
… so perfect practice for the next 14 days approaching new moon, coupled with a new adventure Steve and I are on…
So, to help the process, today I followed my 108 with a blissful 30 minutes of hip openers and headstand before resting in savasana.
The adventure…?
Steve and I have also marked this cycle of the moon with the start of a juice feast!
So far we have planned to go for just 7 days on juice but if this goes well, maybe longer…
I am excited, I already feel totally serene and balanced.
Today has been peaceful and calming from the inside out.
It is amazing what you learn when you start to take some time to watch the natural response of the body to circumstance.
I feel so lucky to have so many opportunities to do this but I remember what it was like to be tied up in business and demands from the system that held me back.
Well, maybe it was me holding me back!?!
Ignorance is after all … ‘BLISS’! Isn’t it?!
Well, who knows, I’m free now and know who I am.
And the bliss you feel with this kind of insight is unlike any other.
Big love to all
S x

Oh and By the way, if you interested to make a bouncy green juice, here’s my advice:

1) Get a good juicer! The ‘Angel’ is a great juicer with a solid steel body so none of the down falls of a plastic alternative.
We got ours here

2) Take your health in your hands and get ready to bounce back VERY fast!

(Here’s what we had for lunch: 2 Romaine Lettuce, 2 Heads of Celery, 1 Bag of Kale, 2 Ridge Cucumbers, 1 Bag Watercress, 1″ ginger root, 1 Whole Lemon (skin removed), 1 Bag of Rocket, 1 Bag of Spinach, 1 Bag of Chard)

4) Drink! 🙂

5) Smile! 🙂


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