Juice Feast Revelations!

So many people ask me why I live the way I live.
“Isn’t it hard?”
“Isn’t it boring?”
“Aren’t you fed up of bringing up all of these ‘issues’ and looking at your self?”
“Isn’t it depressing?”
If I had a bag of fresh veg for every time I heard one of these questions, I would never have to worry about the daily veg mission again!
It often comes as such a shock to people to discover that I will go to such lengths to live the way I live, and I am not surprised.
Life in the city, in the system, on the treadmill, won’t allow you to take thing slowly and appreciate what it feels like to be responsible for your own existence and experiences.
Instead it forces you down the route of fast paced life style choices, ready meals, machines to help us do the things we don’t have time to do anymore, turning the tap on for water, turning the TV on for entertainment… and so on.
When I first stopped and looked at this, all I could see was a load of stressed out animals running about to make sure the (so called) wheel doesn’t stop turning… I was shocked into making a big change.

Yes, it is hard at times, but only because I am one of few swimming in this direction.
I fully believe as soon as more of us start to pay attention and see things from a new angle…
It will get much easier.
Less friction.

To pay attention to nature will become ‘NORMAL’!
Imagine just for a second, the time has come for you to leave your physical body.
Just imagine.
As you float up into the universe above you, you look back down at planet earth.
Notice the colors and shapes of the land, the sea and the clouds.
Doesn’t it look beautiful?
Now, if this was your last thought, would you wish that you had spent more time in the pub?
Would you wish that you had worked harder at your desk?
Would you miss the hypnotic set up of the cities and towns?
You see now I want to ask the questions…!
Wasn’t it a hard life?
Weren’t you bored?
Didn’t you feel like you didn’t even know yourself?
Or like you didn’t know why you were there?
Weren’t YOU depressed?
So I wonder if this moment came if we would all float away wondering what the rest of the world looked like.
I can imagine a lot of people would wish they’d spent more time out of the cities and learning about our real source.
That forever turing wheel that is mother nature, she asks for nothing in return.

So, the truth is, if we all start looking inside, working things out for ourselves and STOP playing along!
It won’t be hard anymore, it will be easy.
If everyone was doing exactly what they loved to do, we wouldn’t have to fight for a single thing.

Be yoga, live naturally, see what hides behind the city walls.
Susan x


2 thoughts on “Juice Feast Revelations!

  1. Marcus Patman says:

    I like your words. For me being a Yogi is mastering the art of detached observation from the experience. When I remember I’m infinite consciousness having a human experience I can step behind the projector and watch my experience unfold!

    Follow me as I progress though my Juice Feast at http://juicefeastingpdx.com.

    • wee yogi says:

      Exactly, just sit back and enjoy the ride!
      Good luck on your juice feast and well done for taking charge of your experience rather than being the product of someone else’s desires!
      There is so much more to this world than we think 🙂
      Big peace!
      S x

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