Sun-juice me ;)

So, what does a day in the life of a juice feaster look like?
Well, thank goodness the sun came out as it was starting to look like we would be juicing in doors with the windows closed!
We were so pleased to see the snow melt and the clouds part last night.
Today we were blessed with the sun and I will thoroughly enjoy my cycle to teach down in Leith tonight 🙂

It’s day 3 so any initial teething problems with trying to juggle life and juicing seem to have settled. We feel it is going so well that we are going to take it to 14 days! This will land us perfectly on the new moon to finish our adventure and enter a new phase for rebuilding.

Today, I started with a couple of mugs of warmed spring water with lemon. I had a spoon of raw honey to help balance my blood sugars and once that had settled I enjoyed a glorious 2 hour yoga practice.

Steve was out early to gather veggies and by the time I finished my relaxation he had already freshly pressed 1/2 pineapple which we shared with big smiles on our faces. From here to the bath room for my 2nd enema of the feast! The first time round was just a couple of simple flushes using pure water. It worked a dream and I felt great after it, clearing out before juicing up is always a good starting point who ever you are. This morning I felt it would be good to remineralize a little so after the initial water enema, I added a tea spoon of ‘Brain On’ (E3 Brain On contains the active ingredient in wild-harvested AFA blue-green algae) to the second enema.

Next on the menu (and still no juice yet!) was one of my favourate part to the day. Freshly juiced goji with royal jelly and some more AFA blue-green algae. I sipped this while munching on about 1 tablespoon of fresh bee pollen.

A few hours have past since then I am feeling great! Very clear and focused on little tasks I had to do before going out later (including this blog!). Steve is the master juicer as I get on with bits and pieces. I was presented with the most delicious juice, just as the hunger had started to kick in. This was our first green juice of the day and it contained:
1 inch ginger
1 lemon
1 bag of kale
1 bag of green chard
1 bag of curly parsley
2 romaine lettuce
2 ridge cucumber
2 heads celery
1 bag water cress
1 bag wild rocket

This lot was divided between 2 and was ‘chased’ with a shot of more Brain On! This made about 1.5 lites so it’s about 750ml green juice each sitting each person.
We’re drinking tons of fluids too. I am enjoying gulping back nettle tea which is so good this time of year. Steve is loving his pure spring water just as it comes… either way, it looks like we’ll need to get back to Scotlandwell sooner than we had anticipated. We’ve gone through nearly 40 litres already!
Bee Pollen is certainly helping a lot too, remineralizing us and keeping the brain ticking along nicely! 🙂

I’m going to absorb so much prana from the sun on my cycle to teach I can’t wait!
Once I get home my magical warrior of juice will be waiting for me with my next drink. Yippee!
We figured out that one thing is for sure, if you’re going to do this, do it with someone who really ‘gets’ you and knows how to support when the other is needing. So far we make the perfect team.

More to come soon from yoga, juice central!
Happy sun gazing folks
S xxx


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