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Today we ventured out to Scotlandwell again for another stock up on spring water.
Last week we got through a whole 40 liters very fast, so just to be sure we filled up an extra 25 liter demijohn we acquired from a local wine makers. I think the shop owner was a bit surprised when he discovered it was spring water we would be storing and not a homemade brew! I don’t think he’d quite believe us either if we told him it would be priceless in comparison to 25 liters of home brew!
Here you can see a couple of little snippets from our day:

So what about the juice!?
Today’s green juice had some exciting additions of the purple kind!
I was so happy to discover yesterday that this seasons purple sprouting broccoli has arrived at ‘Earthy’ (our nearly local organic farm shop – see my links page for info). Check it out if you can, this is the broccoli of warriors!

Here’s what we gulped down after a long day teaching yoga, juicing goji berries and a water mission drive to Fife:

500g purple sprouting broccoli
1 bag of swiss chard
2 heads of spring greens
1 bag of green kale
1 bag flat parsley
1 bag curly parsley
2 heads of romaine lettuce
2 ridge cucumbers
2 celery
1 lemon
2″ ginger

This made us just over 1 liter each.
We are both feeling alive and kicking.
No headaches at all, that passed after day 1 and was barely noticeable when it was around.
Fresh bee pollen helps keep us balanced as we don’t juice fruits like most juicers do. Bee pollen is such an amazing food. We should all be eating this stuff. If only more bee keepers were collecting it…
Check this website for the full lo-down:

So far I feel very calm and peaceful. I seem to have slowed down everything I do as my physical body starts to do what it has to do and I’m not wasting energy over compensating, not when I speak, not when I think.
Everything just feels so much more full of detail. It feels right to pay more and more attention to the finer details of things.
A smile, a cuddle, a birds song, the taste of every grain of bee pollen in your mouth, the smell of cucumber all become small miracles!
The awareness is something I always come back to when I talk about what eating and living more consciously will do for you. Living like this makes you see things very clearly, ALL THE TIME! NO HOLIDAY!
It is a bit like someone lifted the veil that was previously stopping you from seeing. I remember when I first started out on this path over 2 years ago it was a shock then to suddenly wake up from what now feels like a dream. The past few days juice feasting have definitely enhanced that.
I don’t mind that part at all, for me it feels like an exciting adventure, a bit like a toddlers first steps, keen to look under every unturned stone!
For some it is a bit too much and if not mentally then physically, the pressure comes too much. I feel it is always a good thing to try and venture a little farther, see what happens, go through the emotions or the detox, who knows what you might find/feel on the other side!
Big love
S x


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