Save the world, drink green juice!

Day 6 of our juice feast.
We just discovered that the new moon this month falls a day later so we will be feasting up until Tuesday 13th April. This will make it 15 days rather than 14!
I am all for it, I would rather be in tune with the moon than numbers with no meaning.
After yesterdays big adventure and less juice than usual due to time constraints, we both felt pretty sleepy last night and ready for a big sleep. Funnily enough I didn’t sleep so well though. My mind was really active so I just laid back and watched it play out what it needed to do…
This is not just a physical cleanse…

I think undertaking an adventure like this requires a little preparation. Be ready to delve deep and discover all kinds of stuff that you will have to demand the time and space to process.
I also thought this morning as I was practicing how great it was just to hang out in postures that little longer enjoying all of the benefits of immersing myself in breath and the moment…
Juice feasting is not just about what you do (i.e. drinking liters of juice)!
It is about what you don’t do too!
I feel it has been a lot easier for us because we already made the conscious choice not to do certain things a long time ago to help in the process of becoming freer, clearer and more alive.
This included cutting out heavy bombardment from the media, i.e. TV’s and newspapers. I feel this clouds our own intuition so much that it is equally as toxic as eating red meat… which is also a no no if you ask me. On the food level removing animal products from my diet instantly lifted me up.
Deciding not to drink alcohol ever again was something I didn’t have to think about. It seemed so blatantly obvious to me that what alcohol can do to the body, let alone the mind, is pointless and wastes away each precious moment.
I’d rather be present feeling the feelings than unconsciously numb. But that’s just me.
So, all of these things are perhaps something to consider before embarking on an adventure like this.
Maybe take a week, a month or longer to adjust.
I of corse highly recommend a raw food diet, fresh water, exercise, sun light and fun times with some one you love. If this is not possible then at least look at addressing some of the things that are fogging your life just now.
We all have to start to take a look inside at what is really going on, it is not about what is going on outside. It is not about doing what we think we have to do “because we we were told to” or what we think we have to do to “keep up with the game”.
Mother nature has given us so many chances to see the reality by offering us many wake up calls.
Natural disasters can even be seen as opportunities! That shows us how little control we do have when it comes to the true source of our survival… it isn’t Tesco, Sainsbury’s, loan companies, banks, or any other corporation that have the real power on earth.
Mother nature has even provided us with all we need to do to wake up!
If I was her i’d be rolling my eyes by now, thinking “what are they all doing?!”

So, back to the juice feast, our feat for survival and connection.
We’re getting some seriously good down loads of info from this green stuff!
Todays first green juice is currently in the making as we let our goji berry, noni fruit, AFA and mangosteen, settle in our bellies and start to do it’s thing.
I think you must kind of get the picture by now as to what goes into one of our green juices but incase you’re interested:

2 ridge cucumbers
2 bags of kale
1 bag of green chard
1 bag of rainbow chard
2 heads of celery
2 romaine lettuce
1 bag mixed salad greens (spinach, watercress & rocket)
1 bag parsley
1 lemon
2″ ginger

Finally before I go, if you’re not used to the term juice feasting, then watch this blog from a famous lady in the raw world. Most juice feasts last around 92 days and have incredible results. Whether it’s an illness you’re treating, weight-loss you’re looking for, or if you want to try to break free from habits, addictions, depression, boredom…

Go for it!
I believe you can do it.
It’s good for you, it’s good for the planet, so it’s going to be good for everyone around you too!
Enjoy 🙂
S xxx


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