Big shout out…

Since the sale of the business at Christmas it has taken until this past week to really start to feel any kind of release.
It is a bigger change for Steve than it is for me as I was not tied to my own business.
But this juice feast has shown us both how much time you really need to really look after yourself and regenerate.
Not only that it has also given us that final push we needed to start to look at where we want to be.
Since forever we have both been talking about living as close to nature as we can.
Our dreams go far beyond Edinburgh, Scotland, to a warmer climate where we can live sustainably, growing our own food, exchanging and sharing skills.
For now though, we have to take small steps.
Living off the grid is all very well but if you come from a place where you have only ever lived ON the grid, it takes time to untangle yourself from the various ropes they have you in that prevents you from braking away comfortably.

So… this is where YOU come in!
Todays blog is a shout out for assistance.
Our thoughts create our reality and so I am thinking one of you may be able to help us.

We are looking for something, anything along these lines:

A new home (can be a house/flat) somewhere out of the city.
It would be a bonus to be off the grid!
Somewhere slightly more remote but easily commutable to Edinburgh city centre… (I will continue to teach yoga 7 days a week there!).
We need it to be affordable.
Free would be a bonus 😉 but so long as it is cheaper than city lets!
We want country-side around us (but not to be shadowed by a huge power plant!)
We would also be interested if you or anyone you know is selling an airstream caravan to live in.
You get the idea…
We want out of the city and into the wild! 🙂

Perhaps you need someone to house sit for you?
Perhaps you know of someone who has an unusual circumstance that might suit ours?
We don’t mind being out of the hustle and bustle at all!

So, if you or any one you know has ANY ideas… please let us know.
And, if you are a raw chocolate fan, remember this may help encourage the return of Steves magical alchemy as he gets more space and time out of the city!

Now, back to the juicing for some more downloads from the gods of green juice 😉
Big love
S & S xxx
PS) I hope this post inspires those of you who feel like you need to make a big change and can’t quite get there, that asking for help sometimes does the trick!


6 thoughts on “Big shout out…

  1. Leila says:

    Hi there Susan (and Steve),

    I really don’t know if this is any help whatsoever, but one never knows what a little bit of information may lead to! Whilst walking the coastal path from Cramond to Queensferry last year (yes, ages ago :/ ), just at the Queensferry end of the path there was an Airstream in all it’s shiny glory parked up by sheds and a house, as I remember. Either it was in total disuse or extended storage, it didn’t have the vibe of being in regular use…maybe it’s still there gathering moss? Perhaps a run past there may prove fruitful, I honestly have no idea 🙂

    Incidentally I found this blog via your submission on, am going to go check out the fountain at Carlops soon thanks.

    Regards and easy manifesting your move! Leila

    • wee yogi says:

      Hi Leila,
      Thank you so much for responding to our calls! It is so nice that you found the blog through… to know that there are other spring hunters out there is great! Since visiting Carlops we have been heading to Fife, Scotlandwell. We find it’s waters feel so good that we haven’t wanted to go anywhere else, especially while juice feasting. In the meantime we have heard there is another spring out at Pathead near Chrichton Castle. We are hoping to venture out there next weekend to see what we can see. I will keep blogging every step of the way so watch this space!
      As for the Airstream… wow! We are going to go for a walk that way next week and see if we spot it. If you have any more landmarks we’d much appreciate it… wouldn’t want to miss it!
      Thank you so much again.
      I’ll let you know the outcomes!
      Big Peace 🙂

  2. Michelle says:


    I have lost count of the number of times I have refrained from bombarding you with questions after reading your blog 🙂 But this time I’ll write as I get to make a suggestion! I check Gumtree every day to see if there are any opportunities to get away from corporate life, & there are plenty of people asking for assistance in the country in return for accomodation. I’m not sure how much you want to get involved in work again at the moment, but I’m sure I saw something the other day for farm helpers which would mean working in nature. They wanted friends or a couple so I passed over it at the time. I am looking regularly so if I see anything I’ll send the link to you. Good luck!!


    • wee yogi says:

      Hi Michelle,
      Thank you so much for your comment! Feel free ANY TIME to bombard me with questions, I only need one listener to make this blog worth while 🙂
      I will definitely check out Gumtree as per your recommendations. Working in nature is exactly what we want! I will keep in touch with you on that and let you know if I see anything similar for yourself!
      Big hug
      S xxx

  3. Leila says:

    Here are the googlemap coordinates for where i think it was parked up!


    C&P that as is into the map search bar and you’ll be able to see exactly where the coastal/cycle path starts, or finishes, depending which way you’re heading 🙂 Hope it’s still there (the airstream), but it’s a lovely route even if it turns out to be a wild goose chase :S

    I’d planned a trip to Scotlandwell initially – the closest site listed on findaspring when I first discovered it a few days ago, then you posted the Carlops info and I thought to try that first, as I can practically get a bus there from my front door! I’d like to taste them all though 😀 Living water makes such complete and perfect sense.

    Best wishes, Leila

    • wee yogi says:

      Hi Leila,
      Thank you for this! I know the route well as I was born in Blackhall and Crammond was a major family fave destination.
      I will definitely let you know how we get on. Fingers crossed!
      Good luck at Carlops! It is a nice place and the water is good, it has a great TDS (111). The pH is no where like Scotlandwell though and I think that is why it is so well known for healing. The other issue with Carlops is that we are yet to explore behind the spring up the hill a bit. We want to find out if there is any chance there is an earlier out put than the lions mouth you see in the picture… I’d love to know how it goes if you decide to check it out!
      Like I said before, great to be acquainted with a fellow spring hunter! Lets keep each other posted 🙂
      Thanks again!
      S xxx

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