Juice Feast Day 10 – So far soooo good!

We have now reached day 10 of our mini juice feast!
Would you like to know what a normal day looks like for me at the moment?
Ok, here goes…

  1. Wake up when it feels right – for me this is something I NEVER used to do. I woke up when my alarm clock told me to. This juice feast has shown me how much I needed to let that go. The alarm clock has no idea how you are feeling, no idea how much sleep you actually need or what is right for your body. I suggest sleeping with the curtains open too… let the sun rise gradually bring you back and get up when you feel awakened. Sleep is GOOD for you πŸ™‚ yipee!
  2. Rehydrate – Spring water slightly warmed so as to not shock the system.
  3. 1 spoon of 15+ Manuka honey – So good for you it is off the chart. They are now using this in hospitals in New Zealand. Read this: http://www.thesynergycompany.com/hh_about.html But don’t just take their word (or mine) for it! Try it yourself!
  4. Yoga – 1-2 hours of deliciously slow, deep breathing while practicing whatever sequence feels in alignment with my energy of the day.
  5. Enema – Yesterday I learned that not doing an enema every day of this feast is a bad plan 😦 I ended up feeling really low by the end of quite a challenging day. Any physical blockages down there will definitely have an effect on your mental clarity too. Again, “better out than in” makes more sense to me every day!
  6. Rehydrate – More super healing spring water!
  7. Bee Pollen + Hemp seed oil – I am balancing my fats over the feast with 3 types of oil a day. Not much, just a couple of teaspoons a time. I munch on this with 2 table spoons of fresh bee pollen. Mmm mmm!
  8. JUICE! The first juice of the day is our fruitiest. Steve has been soaking it all together over night in spring water, blends it up then puts it through a nut milk bag. It gives us just under a liter each. Here’s what’s inside… Goji Berries, Noni Fruit, Mangosteen, Royal Jelly, Camu Camu, Prunes, AFA, Blue Manna. If this doesn’t get your neurotransmitters firing… I don’t know what will!
  9. After this I get on with whatever I have to do. Teaching yoga at night means I can focus on, general admin for classes plus researching off-the-grid-living, foraging, springs we might visit and so on… I dedicate my time to the things I know will make my life better.
  10. Bee pollen + Argan oil – Argan oil is something I have only recently discovered but it is a hidden gem of an oil. Great for Vitamin E, skin, bones, joints, nerves, plus it gives a little variety to our diet.
  11. JUICE! (1.25 liters) The second juice of the day is always worth the wait. You can see from previous blogs the kind of idea but yesterday we had a magical addition of spring greens and purple sprouted broccoli, yee haa!
  12. Out to teach or if I’m not teaching we always try to get out for a walk away from the city and into somewhere green! There’s always lots to be getting on with too… like finding more green for tomorrow!
  13. JUICE! (1.25 litres) The final juice of the day
  14. We’ve been drinking tons of tea made from fresh spring water all day plus so much juice. It’s time to stop drinking now or we’ll be up all night! We relax and clean up ready for another day.
  15. Coconut oil + Really Raw Honey or Bee pollen – Just before bed I have this combo to ground me and my blood sugars! I feel so sleepy and ready for bed that this is the perfect ‘night cap’ before a long deep sleep. Coconut oil is also a great oil for the liver, which is going to be doing a lot of regenerating while I rest.

Each day obviously has it’s own flow but this is just a general idea. Steve and I are also doing it all together so we flow in and out of each others routines which we have mastered like an art. He is the great juice master and I am so grateful for that, it means I can write this!

The effects are already huge. I spoke before about a feeling of calmness, peacefulness, centredness. This still exists but I have also been allowing some old niggles and mental blocks to wash out especially over the past 2 days. It’s not a bad feeling but it asks you to take a good look at what you are doing. Obviously the physical effects are massive too. Both of us have a different response, but in general, our skin, our eyes, our nails and hair are all shining! I personally have noticed a big dumping of toxicity from my joints which felt like a heavy ache and a dullness lifting. My yoga practice is changing too, more on this later, but I know it is a change that has been coming for a while. Since practicing on my own for so long, I have always felt this shift was happening. Away form the ‘doing’ yoga and into allowing the yoga to litereally flow through me. I notice this more and more as I teach, when we ‘do’ it, it just isn’t yoga. When you feel, watch, and listen the yoga will come from somewhere else.
As always, it is almost impossible to condense what I have been experiencing but one thing is for sure, it is so positive. I can feel things falling into place as there is less and less resistance and more and more allowing, on every level, this is just another step or way towards finding your truth.

Big love
S xxx


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