Suns and Angels!

Day 12 of our juice feast and we are blessed with the most prana-full, energy rich, heart warming, healing and glorious thing we could ever ask for…
Any guesses?
SUN of corse!
After a walk and trip to get more veg we are both feeling the hazy blissfulness of sun shine on our skin so I have decided not to write much today but to show you our flow in pictures and in the mean time tell you to go forth and sun gaze… it’s good for you!
Big love
S x

Kale, chard, spinach, rocket, watercress, celery, cucmbers and so much more... this is the first step to juice feasting the GREEN way!

Lemons, limes and ginger have been an addition to every juice. No milk in sight in our fridge door! This is where we store our fresh bee pollen in a breathable container along with hemp oil. Oh and the all important Hydrogen Peroxide (3% food grade) which has been a trusty tool for a long time now, cleaning the veg or applying to cuts and wounds... plus so much more.

Our Angel! No, seriously. Here's the other part to the puzzle, a darn good juicer! The Angel juicer has twin gears which means it chomps through leafy greens like no other juicer. She maintains all the nutrients masticating and squeezing all of the juice out. The slow rpm means it won't get hot and bothered causing irreparable damage to the goodness of the juice! This is unlike a centrifugal juicer which literally obliterates anything you put into it and heats it up too. With the angel the pulp comes out dry which means you have got so much more out of each green you put in! This is the best juicer I have ever tried. All we are waiting for now is an electricity free version!

This is just HALF of what goes in to one of our concoctions! Let the juicing begin!

Oops, we already gulped back so much before remembering to get a snap of the finial product. Mmm mmm... We're full to the brim with green juice. Sparkly eyed, shining from the inside out! Yipee!


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