…I'll be the judge of that!

I love this time in the lunar cycle.
The eve of new moon always carries that essence of things starting to slow down and really turn in on themselves.
Including us human beings!
It just so happens that as we are 70% (or more) water, we are directly effected by the push and pull of the moon as it waxes and wanes.
Tomorrow being black moon or new moon, invites a time for truthful introspection.
Peacefully watching what our inner guide has to reveal to us.
This time around the lunar cycle I am also enjoying the benefits of following the rhythms even closer with a 16 day (this full lunar cycle) juice feast!
We have been gradually moving closer towards this day since we started our feast on the full moon.
This kind of practice undertaken especially in spring has a much stronger preventative and purifying effect which is said to last the whole year!
Tomorrow, new moon, is the best day of all for detoxification.
This made each step of our feast another step towards reinforcing our intentions.
Health, well-being, happiness and peace both in our minds and our bodies.
The new moon is also a day to make resolutions.
Loss of any kind will feel much easier to take on this day, so if there is anything you now know you need to let go of, start tomorrow!
Listen to your inner voice, the one that tells you what your truth is.
Let the judgements go and realize it is time to be honest.
Don’t listen to the opinions or judgements of others.
This is your time to make a change and start a ‘new age’.
I am really excited about the beginning of my ‘new age’!
I feel like the last 14 days have shown me so much about who I have become and what needs to evolve in me.
I am going to really enjoy the benefits of having the space now to plant new seeds in the garden of my future!
And with the help and strength of the waxing moon towards the full moon in a couple of weeks both Steve and I are planning a liberating time of regeneration, absorption and supply!

One thing is for sure, no more letting the judgement of others stop my own evolution!
I have allowed this for too long…

We have had so much space in our minds these past two weeks, to really focus on what we believe will bring us the most experience rich, alive and abundant life.
Juicing everyday, going through the ups and downs of the mind and trying to find time for all the work that goes into doing this ‘properly’ might have been somethings that stopped us from being able to think at all… but as far as I can tell, it has worked out to be quite the opposite. The reality of the situation didn’t allow us not to see what needs to change and, that we have to allow those changes to happen.
Resistance never got anyone anywhere, except for to an uncomfortable place!
Now, we are going to re-build and gather great strength especially with all of our new found tools!
But for today, the juicing continues… and a little inspiration to help the resolves flow in…

Take rest tomorrow and enjoy speaking to your truth, she has interesting things to tell you! 😉
Big peace, big love, big sigh… it’s mmm mmm moon time 🙂
S xxx


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