Infinite possibilities!

Today is the final day of our moon cycle juice feast!
Wow, following the moon in tune with our feast has given me an amazing insight into what it might be like to always follow natures cycles for everything that we do, rather than the unnatural rhythms we have learned to live with.
For me, feeling the true effects of natures flow on my life and the environment I am in makes so much more sense than working on a man made time table.
Surly, everyday is different?
But we have never been allowed to notice that since, Monday is Monday… you start your ‘week’ back to work, not allowed to feel your way into what is meant for that day. And then of corse Sunday comes and you are given permission to rest… Crazyness!
Going with the flow does not just mean sitting back and letting life pass you by, it is about responding to your environment and situation in a way that is tune with your nature.
Today you can do this.
And it feels incredibly free, don’t you think?!
I dared my class last night to phone in sick today… I wonder how many of them actually did?! I hope one at least, and then maybe more and more people will start to see that by not sitting at a desk all day will not cause the world to end!!!

Oh, enough of my hopes and dreams for a world of all creatures to be doing exactly what their heart tells them to do…
I enjoyed a slow and meditative flow this morning, followed it with my usual time skin brushing, enema and so on… this has become truly blissful over the past few weeks. Watching the changes in my mind and body,taking time to observe the subtle details. Steve made a great observation the other day that if everyone spent at least 2 hours on themselves every morning (be it yoga, massage, or other healthy abloushions) the world would be a better place… I agree.

So, on to our second to last juice full of spring greens, purple sprouted broccoli and all kinds glorious leafy greens that are starting to pop up this time of year.
The rest of the day will be spent taking it easy and planning a mega purple smoothy for breakfast tomorrow šŸ™‚ we can’t wait!
Oh and then there’s the chocolate, not decided what form that will come in but it will be something truly alchemic knowing Steve!
As far as I am concerned, today is about stepping back from the details of the juice, the yoga, the world, and seeing a clear picture in my mind of what the next phase of rebuilding will entail.
I am peacefully excited and bubbling with ideas.
It’s not easy to put into words!

The new moon can be looked at in the same way you would understand the base of your exhale.
There is a space here where all that exists is an emptiness and infinite space.
It is yours to fill with whatever you like!
Whatever your heart desires…
It is a chance, an opportunity, a gift…
This is the time to reveal your potential…
Open into that space and make sure that as you inhale into the next phase of this cycle, you breathe in only fresh new breath, and light, health and abundance, fun and love.
Tell me, what will you do differently?!
S xxx


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