Not what you taste but what you feel…

Black Currants, Strawberries, Raspberries, Cherries, Incan Berries, Blueberries, Purple Corn, Acai, Camu Camu, Mangosteen, Goji Berries, Prunes, Maquai Berries, A teaspoon of Blue Manna and a wee dash of Pink Salt…
Blend it up and what have you got?
A breakfast that will not only make you fly through your day, feel great, sparkle and shine, but also tastes absolutely to die for!!!
Especially after 16 days of juice feasting!
Having said all of that I have to say that as I flowed through my yoga practice this morning I was surprised at how calm I felt and not rushed to get to eat our first solid meal (well, semi solid, it was a smoothie!).
I took time to open into a new approach to my practice.
After the last couple of weeks of cleansing, purifying, detoxing and preparing the body to re-build, I felt a real sense of new beginnings this morning.
I can sense my body is ready to shift into a cycle of regeneration.
Focusing on establishing a ground to build from I found my mind was not busy with what was coming next.
Instead I was receiving the intelligence from each yoga asana, learning about what kinds of fruits will be flowering in this new soil…
As I said, I was surprised that I was in no rush…
Prior to our juice feast I would be excitedly rushing to sit back and enjoy our magical purple smoothy!
I went through the phases of my morning with awareness and enjoyment.
Grateful for what I have come to understand about my body.
One thing that has really hit me today, is the reliance we have on food for energy.
It might sound crazy to say such a thing as for most of us, food is energy… isn’t it?
Well, it does of corse play a huge part in our lives, but over the last 2 weeks, following the natural rise and fall of energy during a juice feast I have noticed something that only really made sense on a smaller scale to me before.
When food is not there to save you, where do you get your energy from?
And I don’t just mean the energy you need to run up some stairs or catch a bus…
I’m talking about the energy it takes even just to put a smile on your face when everything seems to be falling down around you.
When I knew I didn’t have the usual vices to reach for over the feast, I found my mind opened up into a different kind of energy.
It is the kind of energy that just comes from somewhere else.
The kind of energy that you receive when the sun comes from behind a cloud and warms your face.
The kind of energy you feel rise from within when you think about the things that make you smile naturally.
This energy floods your body like no food could ever match.
It is pure life force, it is the activation or the key that unlocks your fullest potential.
I have learned that this is the source I want to be guided by.
When you understand that your physical body is a vehicle for your own experiences and transport to reach your own dreams, you will start to take much better care of what you have got.
Your body becomes what you build it with, and if those building blocks are unnatural stimulants or quick fixes your experiences and dreams will be riding on unsteady ground.
Today is a day for supply and abundance, activation and opening.
Uncoil to reveal your UTOPIA!
Big Love!
S x


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