If you do anything this weekend, PLEASE watch this:


It’s not to make you depressed, it’s not to be pessimistic, it’s not to make you feel guilty.
It’s just about becoming aware of the beauty of our home, earth.
It’s about that final push to do just a little more than necessary…
Maybe if we all really start to understand the precarious nature of our existence, we might take a step back and think about what we can do to help bring things back into balance.
My own suggestion would actually be just allowing mother nature to do her thing for a change and stop pushing her back under the concrete.
Mother nature shows her face for a reason.
Take weeds for example, were they not there to feed us?
Why spray the dandilions with weed killer when instead you could eat them?
A free lunch really is a free lunch when it comes to what we call ‘weeds’.
The pesticides and herbicides we use are just a tiny example of the catastrophic changes we are causing to our home, in the attempt to over ride what nature has always been so good at without our input… keeping things in balance.

I have received so many comments over the past few weeks about the crazy nature of a juice feast…
“Why do such a radicle thing? It’s BAD for you not to eat! You will loose so much weight! Think of the terrible detox you might go through!”
Please, oh kind and concerned family/friends/passers by… My question to you is this…
“Why wait to get old, why wait for the heart disease, the bowel cancer, the arthritis, the pain and torture of dying from something you know might come but isn’t here YET?”
Perhaps our bodies are a direct reflection of our home?
Perhaps all of this pollution and lack of nourishment we are giving our selves is a symbol for the way we are poisoning Earth?
What would it be like if from the beginning we had not only taken from the earth, that which is presented to us (and not BORROWED from sacred stores)… but also given back all of the nourishment and love any home needs to become inhabitable?

It is not just our own precious lives that are now slipping out of balance, but our friends and fellow creatures around us.
The way we live has a DIRECT impact on everyone and everything around us.
It is all part of a MUCH bigger picture.
A flow of life that needs to flow without imprisonment or suppression.

There are so many ways to say this or show it but it has become apparent to me recently that as human beings we need a disater to happen before we wake up.
We need to be told we are sick before we decide to make any change.
I really hope that soon, we see the beauty of our own existence and that of everything that is nature around us.
BEFORE we get too sick to make any difference to the direction of life.
Be it on a planetary level or on the teeny tiny scale that is YOU, your body, your mind, your spirit.

And finally, just to keep anyone interested up to date…
The juice feast was incredible!
I feel truly stunning inside and out and it has only given me MORE energy and life force to awaken some more!
We have been having deliciously thick green soups, raw nori seaweed, huge juicy bojita olives and even pressing our own coconut cream through the juicer!
Mmm mmm! I feel alive and blessed, so so blessed to have found a way to feel amazing everyday.
Knowing that I will not dry out with age, bung up with mucus, and become uncomfortable in my own body makes life feel like an exciting adventure and not a scary or daunting downwards spiral.
Why are we not taught about this way of life from the beginning?
It certainly isn’t because it’s BAD for you, that’s for sure…
So it’s been just over 2 years eating raw, 100% organic foods and I have never felt better.
Don’t just take my word for it… try it!
Make your HOME the perfect place to live.
S xxx
PS… now back to the top and watch that You Tube! NOW! PLEASE!?!


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