100 Posts & 1000 Suns

It was such a surprise for me today when I signed in to my blog to find that today will mark my 100th blog entry!

It made me laugh to think I could ever have found so much to say ! 😉 (ha ha…)

So, what have I been rambling on about all this time?
When I look back I can see for myself there has been a constant force, directing my awareness towards a life similar to one that just so happened to show up in another short documentary we discovered this weekend…

A Thousand Suns tells the story of the people of the Gamo Highlands in the African Rift Valley and their unique worldview. This isolated area has remained remarkably intact both biologically and culturally. It is one of the most densely populated rural regions of Africa yet its people have been farming sustainably for 10,000 years!

The film lasts only 27 minutes and is free to view here:

Another huge eye opener, but this time I sat back and felt a sense of excitement… that this place exists… it was like showing an astronaught a new planet free to explore!

Now, I want to be clear that I did not instantly start to make a plan to move there, to settle in and become one of their tribes people… in all honesty I don’t think they’d let me, I might hold them back! But I certainly did feel inspired and hopeful that perhaps if more and more people see that life without restrictive belief systems and dependancy on others IS possible… that frightful word ‘CHANGE’ might become a reality?!?

There is a truly stunning part to this short film where by a short cartoon depicts the way a perfectly happy, self sufficient community can be enslaved without knowing and falls dependent on much bigger corporations for their survival.
It goes like this…

  1. Huge corporation visits small self-sufficient agricultural town selling seeds and crop spray.
  2. Huge corporation uses all kinds of tactics to persuade unknowing farmer the seeds and crop spray will transform his life bringing him much happiness.
  3. Farmer tells huge corporation that he does not use ‘Money’ (this belief system doesn’t exist in his culture) therefor has none to buy the seeds and crop sprays (obviously!)…
  4. Huge corporation tells farmer, “Don’t worry, it just so happens we are also ‘lenders’ (most corporations are directly linked to the big banks of the world) we will lend you the money and you can pay us back once you have sold your incredibly huge and guaranteed yield to other countries!”.
  5. Farmer is surprised but pleased to hear this is an option and decides to sign in for this deal. Sure, it can’t fail (he’s a nice positive, trusting kind of farmer)…
  6. That year the area experiences terribly bad environmental conditions and therefor, regardless of the herbicides and pesticides, the crops fail… NO DEAL for exportation since there are NO CROPS!
  7. Huge corporation comes around to ask for ‘Money’ they lent, but farmer can’t pay!!!
  8. Farmer sells everything he has to pay the big, scary and rather threatening corporation.
  9. Farmer is left with nothing. No seeds from last year (since the seeds produced have been genetically modified not to reproduce next year). Farmer has to buy again from huge corporation, including the sprays that make the seeds grow (these seeds won’t grow without them).
  10. Farmer is now enslaved to work for the huge corporation. Not only this but farmer has been conned into spending the rest of his days farming crops he would rather not farm, struggling to keep his head above water, DEPENDING on something that before it came along, never made any difference to his life…

Sound familiar?
For me this was just another huge wake up call to what is happening all around us every day in our own lives.
It is a cycle we are in on so many levels.
In 10 simple stages we too become dependent on banks, building societies, utility companies, foods… yes foods (and drinks!) coffee anyone?!
It is this slight dip into debt on any level that instantly hooks us in.

I believe there is a way out.
It takes strength, courage, determination but most of all a strong belief in one thing…
Your own FREEDOM.
You are free, it is not something you have to work towards or try to become…
On a very simplistic level, this tale tells us that if we decide not to sign into contracts with any one or anything, we remain the sovereign, flesh and blood, human being we arrived here as.
In an instant you can choose not to be part of this viscous cycle.
Even if it’s just to say, “today I am not a coffee drinker, a car driver, a slave to a system of money and desperation…”
You have to choose!

Happy viewing 🙂
Love and light
S xxx


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