It has been a few days since my last post and it seems like a while since I have given any kind of update on post-juice feast regeneration.
Wow, is all I can say!
I have to admit it was not plain sailing the past two weeks, especially with the wind and rain battering down on us!
It made my plan for rebuilding a little tested to say the least… I could have done with a beach in Hawaii, some coconuts and sun…
But, here I am in Scotland and still, what a transformation!
I have been focusing not only on regenerative and rebuilding foods but also on transforming my yoga practice quite dramatically.
I have gone from green juices and simple ashtanga yoga every day (this is what my body is used to 7 years, every day)…
On to thick green soups,  and integrated vinyasa sequences that leave me feeling stronger and empowered.
I guess when I set out on the juice feast adventure I didn’t think too much about the actual outcomes as all of my awareness was just about getting the best of everything to make sure I stayed well… I was just going through the motions (literally! ;))
But today I really noticed the change in my physical structure as well as mind.
A strength is there that I never thought could exist! It’s like it has sneaked up me while I wasn’t looking.
I can truly say to anyone now that this little adventure was more than worth it.
With the full moon arriving on Wednesday so arrives the ‘end’ of our cycle of detoxify to regeneration.
It isn’t actually the ‘end’ of anything, I know and feel I have still so much more potential for strengthening, but it has given me a little marker to use as a symbol of what this was all about.
Going from feeling stuck, stagnant, run down, defeated, a little hopeless even… to liberation, strength, positivity and hope!
I wanted to post this today because I think we all need to know that we have the potential to regenerate, no matter what age, sex, shape, size, disease or place we are in.
If anyone reading would like to ask questions about how to do this or where to start, contact me and I will give you my best advice.
But it always starts with the first step… the will to want to make a change for the better… to sur-THRIVE!
Hope the films I have been posting have given some extra back up!
Big love
S xxx


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