Another reason to relax

Things NOT to do on a full moon…!
More on this in a moment…
It is not only the Ashtanga Yoga tradition that observes the cycles of the moon by abstaining from a physical asana practice on moon days.
In many traditions and cultures around the world the phases of the moon are followed in great detail as they use this to guide all kinds of activities – medicine, gardening, agriculture, forestry and so on…

Many of you may have come across the term ‘bio-dynamic’ when it comes to selecting the best groceries for your family.
Often the cycles of the moon are one of the main factors to be considered when growing, cultivating and harvesting a crop.
Finding a quality bio-dynamic farmer these days isn’t easy but they do exist if you are willing to look.

It is said that, due to the strong influence of the moon on life on earth, we can also observe it’s influence on the growth of plants.
By planting a seed at the right time of the cycle, we can be sure it will make better roots and grow stronger than at the ‘wrong’ time.
It is as simple as taking time, noticing the push and pull or fall and rise of the moons energy upon Earth.
For example, plants increase their vitality in the moon light as the full moon approaches, their resistance to parasites increase.
It is only common sense then to harvest at this time to ensure they will store well and provide us with more potent vitality.
The first time I learned most about this kind of practice was by reading this book:
In Tune With The Moon
I was fascinated by the simplicity of asking mother nature after having things made so complicated to me for such a long time.
The more I read, the more sense it made.
The book even goes on to explore depilation, hairdressing, eating, surgery and a lot more.
I decided to try the techniques they laid out in the book for myself and was not disappointed!
For those of you who have a hard time shaving at some times of the month, where as at other times, there are no wee nicks to be seen, this could well be why!
It also works for clipping your nails and cutting our hair.
Nature has given us the answers to make life easier for us.
Why then are we trying to make it all so complicated?

I really recommend this book if you are interested in growing strong and mineral rich food in your garden this Spring.
Let me know how you get on!

So today, I am taking it easy, drinking lots of water and allowing my body to realign as it wants to.
I learned a lesson, not to do anything to fiddly this morning as even changing a light bulb ended in disaster with glass shattered everywhere! OOoops!
So, who’s ever turned down another excuse to put your feet up?
Blame it on the moon, she won’t mind a bit!
Big Love
S x


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