Somebody, anybody, try and convince me that the following chocolate treat recipe doesn’t prove that raw foods aren’t just about 1000 things to do with carrots and cabbages!
Mmmm mmm!
Yesterday, Steve came home from Waitrose baring 5 small packets of fresh, organic, fair-trade, coconut chunks.
“This…” he tells me with a big smile on his face “…is going into the juicer!”
Yes folks, it is not only chard, kale, cucumber and  parsley that enjoys a good juicing!
Steve had the cunning idea to try juicing this fresh coconut (as fresh as we can get at the moment, of corse we would prefer this superfood right off the tree) and adding in to it some other raw ingredients to make us a truly powerful afternoon snack.
Unlike your average ‘Bounty’ bar, this chocolate/coconut combination is actually worth putting into your mouth.
All the ingredients we use are unprocessed, organic and full of nutrients.
If anyone even dares asks me if this is fattening then I will eat my own… hat?!
But just to make you feel better…
Coconut oil is in fact a saturated fat – a very important building block of every cell in the human body – each cell membrane consists of around 50% saturated fats (cooked saturated animal fat is toxic). It is an instant energy source but contains no cholesterol, no trans-fatty acids, and is not hydrogenated. In fact, it helps lower cholesterol! Its ability to stimulate thyroid function is a result of this. Coconut also contains up to 50% medium-chain saturated fatty acids and is known for it’s anti-fungal properties. (Click the coconut oil link above to learn SO MUCH more!)
Thank you mother nature! You did it again!
And as for the chocolate, well, doesn’t everybody know by now, chocolate is not chocolate when it is roasted?
As soon as you toast that lovely little seed, all of it’s magical healing properties, disapear.
We use ‘Truly Raw Cacao Powder‘ from Big Tree Farms in Bali (and I am not paid to say that!) which we know is the best we can get (since having Scotlands only fully raw chocolatier at home with me!), we have tried and tested MANY! 😉
Chocolate in it’s natural unprocessed state is not what anyone needs to worry about… it’s all that sugar and (cow puss) milk they add that starts to cause the problems.
Click the ‘Truly Raw Cacao Powder’ link above to learn more.

So, enough of all the science… what about the munchies?

5 packets of organic coconut meat (or one whole brown coconut if you can find one!)
3 raw vanilla pods
1 pinch celtic salt
15 teaspoons ‘Truly Raw Cacao Powder’
2 teaspoons of raw honey
(1/2 teaspoon ‘Blue Manna‘ is an optional addition, which gets you your happy neurotransmitters and natural green energy too!)
Well, first of all Steve had to find a way of making all that coconut meat into a cream silky paste.
(We didn’t have our heads in technology in this moment, so pictures are limited to begin with!)

Here’s what he did…

  1. Take an Angel twin gear juicer or an Omega 8006 (these are the only juicers we know of that will work tough coconut meat into a gorgeous paste)

    Angel on the left, Omega 8006 on the right

  2. Steve washed the coconut first then fed it slowly through the Omega 8006 making sure not to ‘over feed’ (with the Omega, keep the juicing screen in the machine, not the blank plate). You will notice milk coming out of the juice spout and the pulp comes out ‘wet’ to begin with. Continue to run the pulp through the juicer until the juice screen (inside the juicer) starts to fill with coconut cream! Usually it takes about 5/6 runs through the juicer… The coconut stays very cool and because it is a cold pressing juicer, you risk NO loss of nutrients (it remains 100% raw, dancing with all the good stuff!) and you can go for longer and get more out of the coconut. Once you are happy with how much cream you have produced, take the nose cone off slowly and scrape the cream out. Slowly pull the juice screen out. Use your hands 🙂 to scrape it clean and add into the jug that contains the coconut milk which has collected from the spout. The milk and the cream will not combine together well at this point… (The dry fiber leftover can be easily dehydrated to make your own freshly desiccated coconut!!! That’s all the stuff you buy from the supermarket is… simply the fiber with the cream removed!).
  3. Next Steve added all the other ingredients (BUT NOT THE CACAO just yet) and to make it easier to combine he placed the jug over a bowl of warm water.
  4. Now add the cacao and start to mix well…

    Scrape the vanilla from each pod and add in to the mix!

  5. It takes a lot of love and elbow grease but it’s a lot more fun and creative to do by hand than using an EMF rich electronic blender wand!!!
  6. The result, a thick luxurious cream (which was so hard not to dip a finger into and eat right straight away right out of the jug!!!)
  7. Steve used some of Red Sugars famous chocolate shot glasses to store our treats, but you can use any thing you like, small cupcakes are probably the right kind of size for a satisfying portion 😉
  8. Once they were filled, we placed them in the fridge and tried not to eat them all right away!
  9. Today these wee pots of yumminess have set into a firm yet smooth delight which you can dip into with a spoon, or wait till it softens and use your fingers 😉

(NB: If you can’t get a hold of fresh coconuts or Waitrose has sold out… you can always use this amazing coconut butter (again, i’m not getting paid to say this!)… just warm to soften and blend as above. But be warned, this coconut butter is addictive! Don’t eat it all at once!)

So folks, let me know how it turns out for you and I’ll look forward to hearing what you think, and how soon you managed to consume the whole lot! I’m pretty sure our will be gone by the end of today!

Love and Cacao kisses
S xxx


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