Fresh and Wild!

Behold the great power of aloe!

Every now and again, we like to place an order to the states for some really special treats.
We don’t make this a habit as we know it is not a sustainable choice, but for now, while we are here in the UK, we make the ocasional acception.
The fact is, the UK, especially Scotland is almost completely dependant on the rest of the world for resources (unless it’s potatoes your after?!).
As far as i have learned in the past few years, little of what we grow here is edeble these days due to mass agriculture, our food is becoming less and less nutritious as we depleat our soils and focus on meat and wheat to keep us alive.
Even placing orders for organic veg from within the UK is proving to be an issue as when the demand is not high enough, the growers won’t grow it.
Rant aside, this is one of the main reasons both Steve and I plan to find a more sustainable place to live, and we will, one step at a time.
So, this week we treated oursleves to a few essentials from ‘Sunfood’.
Sunfood is a good resource for raw dry goods and super-foods that help us make up for the nutritional debt we all seem to be suffering from; since there is really so little available in the UK when it comes to foods rich in true life-force.
…and in this order, Steve added on a big surprise…
…can you imagine our jaws dropping when not one but 8 of these came through the post!?

He's HUGE!

We’ve been blending, munching, juicing, moisturizing and healing our way through 8 Organic Whole Raw Susatianably grown, Aloe Vera Leafs!

It's bigger than the biggest blender!

The growers guarantee this Aloe vera is grown outdoors, certified GMO and pesticide-free (certified by the International Aloe Science Council).
The Aloe vera is kept under refrigeration before being shipped, in order to preserve its many beneficial properties.
It arrives by courier and is as fresh as we can get for now (until we get to the plant for ourselves!).
We have also been growing our own little baby Aloe Vera plant in the flat but the leaves are teeny tiny, you can see in the background of this pic:

Check out the size difference!

We seem to get through Aloe pretty fast… here’s why:
Aloe vera, a member of the lily family, is one of the most nutritious vegetables on the planet.
It is known for it’s amazing healing properties, especailly for burns and many of you will know it is the best treatment for bad sunburn.
Aloe contains a mucilaginous gel, which is a potent source of polysaccharides. These healing long-chain sugars have been linked to Aloe’s historical use as an aid to immunity, digestion, and the liver. These polysaccharides act as a unifying force, synergistically combining the effects of Aloe’s nutritional components to activate even higher levels of healing. The gel of raw Aloe vera contains vitamins C and E, plus the minerals calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, and chromium, as well as antioxidants, fiber, amino acids, enzymes, sterols, and lignins… read more and buy your own here! (NB: By the way, I never make a profit from telling you where I buy stuff!)

So, Steve has been ‘filleting’ enough each day to keep our smoothies and green soups rocking with Aloe goodness.
We also use it on our skin as a moisturizer and Steve has found it is great when combined with a little Native Oragnic Argan Oil!
His skin is radiant!
So he’s not just a chocolate alchemist… he’s a dermatological wise-man too!

What a wee magician 🙂
Here you can see how he removes the spikes and then just fillets it like a fish (…he was scarily good at that part!?!)

1) Slice it (the rest will keep in the fridge, due to Aloe's amazing healing properties, it even heals itself by sealing off at the cut, right in front of your eyes. This means it will keep good for a couple weeks!

2) He then removes the skin to reveal a thick gel coated in a gooey slime... here you can see it all dripping off the gel!

3) We've been rubbing the slimey part all over us and blending the gel into smoothies and soups. Believe it or not, we figured out it kind of smells like chicken pie (?!) but once it's rubbed in the smell vanishes, the aloe sinks in super easily and you are left feeling all soft, silky and smug to have found such a magical, natural way to care for your body!

So, get growing folks! And stay away from the bottled stuff if you can at all help it…
It is pasturised to high heaven and almost certainly mixed with a preservative.
Get stuck in and try it for yourself!
Big Love
S x

PS…If you are looking for a trusted source for a veg box, we use ‘Grow Wild’.
Their lists are varied enough to keep us excited about delivery day and it certainly helps to have it dropped to the door once a week.


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