Green Blood!

What we ate today…
1 liter fresh  spring water
1 teaspoon chlorella + 1 teaspoon crystal manna

2 tablespoons ‘Brain On’
15 chlorella tablets
3 dessertspoons fresh bee pollen
1 teaspoon ‘Really Raw Honey’
1 cup fresh spring water

1 liter fresh spring water

1 organic orange

2 table spoons ‘Brain On’
1 punnet organic blueberries
1 punnet organic raspberries
2 dessertspoons fresh bee pollen
20 chlorella tablets

1/2 litre fresh spring water
1 organic grapefruit
1 dessertspoon raw organic dried bee pollen
1 organic orange

todays ‘Green Juice’ (see below)
2 ‘Nori Rolls’
***Nori Rolls***
1 organic baby avocado
1 handful homegrown sprouts (brocoli or clover)
1 sheet raw organic nori
…Roll chopped avocado and sprouts up in the nori, (like a long cigar!) seal with a little water

1 handful homegrown sango radish sprouts

1 liter camomile + peppermint tea
1 handful soaked organic mulberries
2 table spoons tocotrienols
1 teaspoon Wee Bee Honey

1/2 teaspoon royal jelly
1 liter fresh spring water
40 chlorella tablets
2 table spoons ‘Brain On’
3 dessert spoons fresh bee pollen

2 dessert spoons fresh bee pollen
2 cups fresh spring water

2 ounce shot of home grown organic wheat grass
1 punnet raspberries
1 cup goji berries soaked in purple corn

3 dessert spoons fresh bee pollen
2 ounce shot wheat grass
4 teaspoons spirulina

1/2 liter fresh spring water

1 organic grapefruit
1 punnet organic blueberries
2 dessert spoons dried bee pollen
15 chlorella tablets

1 cup fresh spring water

Todays ‘Green Juice’
***Green Juice***
1 organic pak choi
2 big handfuls organic chard
2 big handfuls organic baby kale
1 head organic celery
2 organic cucumbers
2 big handfuls organic parsley
2 organic lemons
2 inches organic whole ginger root

2 ‘Nori Rolls’
1 handful homegrown sango radish sprouts

1 liter camomile + peppermint tea
1 handful soaked organic mulberries
2 table spoons tocotrienols
You may have noticed our consumption of chlorella tablets over the past few days is quite high!
well, first of all let me tell you, these little tablets are dangerously good…
I have always looked at Steve funny as he munched away on 20 tablets at a time, until I tried a couple, why not hey?!… and oh my goodness YUMM! I could chew on these all day if it wasn’t for the green teeth afterwards!!!
I have to plan each munch carefully so as to not frighten all my students off with a big green smile!
So, why so many?
Well, we all know that the energy that comes from the sun is what keeps us all alive.
If you look at the basic food chain, the sun is at the top…
but did you know what comes directly underneath the sun?
It certainly isn’t cows, pigs and sheep… I’ve never caught a horse munching on a ray of sunlight!
But I have noticed they tend to consume a heck of a lot of grass!
Ever wondered why?
Well, where else are they going to get their energy to build them up and what about their protein?
They don’t know how to swallow the sun so instead they look to the guys who do…
So, if that big old horse can manage to grow that big and strong off just GRASS… shouldn’t we all  be learning from this mighty beast!?
Any kind of energy source that comes directly from the sun, is 100% more available than the energy that has become muscle on another animal first.
Imagine all the effort of having to break down all that meat, just to access a tiny amount of potential ‘energy’, as opposed to picking up a sprout and having the most nutrient dense and amino acid rich source, right there in your hand.
Amino acids build  muscles.
Look at a horse for a second and you will see for yourself…
So, chlorella, some of you may not even know what it is, so here’s the basic lowdown:
Chlorella is a genus of single-celled green algae, it contains a huge amount of available protein, please read the above link, it is fascinating…
So now you know about chlorella, what else is closest to the suns energy?
Sounds scary if you’ve not tried it before but once you taste a well made raw nori roll… you will be addicted too!
We made the most delicious nori rolls tonight to go with a fresh and vibrant green juice.
As you can see, throughout the day we have munched our way through a heck of a lot of sunlight!
So, now you can understand for yourself, “Ahhh, THAT’S where she gets all her energy from!”
Direct from the sun!
Chlorophyl is almost identical to haemoglobin…
So, it really does feel like sunlight in your blood!
Like someone switched the lights on!
Please read the links and find out more .
And, as I said yesterday, what’s the best way to enjoy the sun’s rays when you are not eating them?
BATHE in them!!!
Drink it up, you deserve it and it is there to be taken.
Big love and sunshine smiles (without the green teeth ;))
S xxx


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