Tree of intention

Today we enjoyed:
1 liter fresh spring water
1 teaspoon chlorella + 1 teaspoon crystal manna
20 chlorella tablets
1 teaspoon Really Raw Honey

1 liter fresh spring water

2 table spoons ‘Brain On’
1 dessert spoon fresh bee pollen

1 tablespoon raw, organic hemp oil
1 dessert spoon fresh bee pollen
1 dessert spoon dried bee pollen

2 slices organic water melon
1 punnet organic blueberries
1 punnet organic raspberries

2 tablespoons ‘wet’ bali bars chocolate mix (before we set it in the fridge!)

1/2 ‘Bali Bar’… sorry no recipie for this one, you’d have to come to my raw chocolate making class to Β find out how to create this for yourself!;))

1 bowl of todays ‘Green soup’ (see below)
3 sheets Organic raw nori
10 raw olives

1/2 ‘Bali Bar’

1/2 liter nettle tea

1/4 organic water melon
2 dessert spoons fresh bee pollen

1 bowl of todays ‘Green soup’ (see below)
2 ‘Nori Rolls’ (see yesterdays blog for a simple and gorgeous recipie for these :))

1 liter chamomile + peppermint tea
1 handful raw organic mulberries

1 liter fresh spring water
1/2 teaspoon royal jelly
40 chlorella tablets
2 tablespoons ‘Brain On’
2 dessertspoons fresh bee pollen

1.5 liters spring water

4 teaspoons spirulina (with ginger)
2 dessertspoons tocotreinols
1 teaspoon raw, ‘Spicy Ginger Ambrosia Honey’

2 slices organic water melon
1 organic grapefruit
1 punnet organic raspberries

1 cup soaked goji berries (with acerola)

2 tablespoons ‘wet’ bali bars chocolate mix (before we set it in the fridge!)

1/2 ‘Bali Bar’ (Raw + organic homemade chocolate!)

1 bowl of todays ‘Green Soup’
(See yesterday for an idea of this mix – today we added a slice of water melon with the skin on)
3 sheets raw organic nori

1/2 liter nettle tea

1 cup fresh spring water
1/4 organic watermelon
1 punnet organic blueberries

1 teaspoon ‘Noni Land Honey’
2 dessertspoons fresh bee pollen
2 table spoons ‘Brain On’
25 chlorella tablets
1 handful raw, organic goji berries
1 handful raw, organic mulberries

1 bowl of todays ‘Green Soup’
3 sheets raw nori
7 raw organic peruvian olives
1 handful homegrown clover sprouts + snow pea greens

1 liter chamomile + peppermint tea

NB: We are very active! Out for up to 3 walks per day/yoga and so on…. we don’t just sit about!!!

The sun is truly out in Scotland!
We were up early to gather our spring water this morning from Scotlandwell, over the bridge in Fife.
It was another unique morning here in the north as we crossed the bridge the fog hung low and we could barely see 10 meters ahead!
The previous day was a shocking 24 degrees (very warm for Scotland right now)! So we could only hope it would return as the day went on…
…And, by the time we made it back to the city, the clouds and rain lifetd revealing a stunning shower of sunshine…!
What a difference it makes to have real sunlight on our skin πŸ™‚
So, after an energizing, back bend filled practice and, with all the sun activated inside of us, Steve suggested we experiment with a new chocolate recipie using some amazing new Cacao we have sourced from Bali and some super creamy honey from Β just out side of New York City
…but that’s as much as I can tell you about ingredients and recipes for this one… if you want to learn how to make your own REAL chocolate bars, using pure, raw, organic, fairly traided ingredients… click here!
It was so much fun to dance about in our little bubble and have the chance to create together.
Steve, being a raw chocolatier expert made the best chocolate in Edinburgh for all of last year… I know there are so many people out there who are desperately awaiting it’s return, but since moving on from ‘Red Sugar’ to ‘Stockbridge Chocolatiers’ all of us who worked there have come to the massive realization that business is just not where it is at for us… it simply doesn’t work.

Me at Red Sugar... my second home for a long time!

Stockbridge Chocolatiers - One of our many creative displays

Like all of our adventures in life now it is about getting back to the source of what mother earth is providing for us…
Money does not grow on trees but real life is provided for us for free, on the trees, in the ground, it’s all around us, we just have to look with clear eyes… and stop it from being destroyed…
Cacao (food of the gods) was just the beginning for me, perhaps by educating people about real foods of the earth via real chocolate we will find a doorway to much much more?
We are brainstorming more than just chocolate making workshops… watch this space πŸ˜‰

Bali Cacao Bars

So, after enjoying a wee taste of our wonderful new invention, we adventured out into the sun to enjoy the rays of life we missed so much for the last… I don’t know how long….
(All you raw foodist in the US have NO IDEA what cold is, try a 9 month winter in Scotland! ;))
While out and about today, I found it easier to notice the beauty behind the steel and concrete of this city, one tree is better than none, one flower, one robin… since I know our intentions are set on moving on one day to perhaps growing our own cacao… and much much more we will get there and so all we have to do is trust and know it will happen.
the key to stopping all this destruction of nature is to stop joining in… and so we shall…
In the meantime, whether I have one yoga student or 100, I humbly dedicate my days and nights focusing on how to pass on all that I can to encourage others to love themselves and the earth beneath our feet.
So, first breathe in… go on, right now…
Second, feel your feet on the earth… no, not a carpet or a floor board find some grass or dirt…
Third look around… find something green and LOOK at it…
Really look… want to do this again and again and see all this beauty everyday?
Well now is the time to stop playing along with the program and find a way…
There will be a way, you just have to know it’s possible.
Big Love!
S xxx


4 thoughts on “Tree of intention

  1. Nina says:

    Hi Susan,

    I happened upon your blog, and realized we actually met in person in 2008. You probably don’t remember me, which is totally OK πŸ™‚ In august of 2008 I was in Edinburgh attending a summer school, and on one of my free days I came to Stockbridge looking for Red Sugar, I was standing in front of it and you came by and said you really recommend it πŸ™‚
    We talked about an hour and enjoyed our smoothies, I remember my was made of pears and coconut, and it was sooo delicious :)) I still have a small piece of paper where you wrote a list of raw food web sites.

    Thank you for making my red sugar experience into a lovely memory πŸ™‚

    Nina from Slovenia

    • wee yogi says:

      Hello Nina!

      I do remember you! I am so glad you enjoyed your smoothy. It was called ‘Skin Pleaser’… that was a best seller I have to say! I went on to make a lot of those before we transformed in to a chocolate cafe then a full blown raw chocolatiers in July 2009!

      We had some crazy times, some real good times, some real challenges too… but finally Steve and Gillian sold the business in January.

      Red Sugar is no more ( a ‘regular’ patisserie takes it’s place in Stockbridge) but Steve and I continue to make our own chocolate creations at home and I host classes too.

      We plan to move out of the UK eventually and Steves ultimate dream is to grow heirloom Cacao from seed himself πŸ™‚ while I teach yoga on a bamboo platform in the jungle!

      Keep in touch! If you are back in Scotland before we move on, drop me a line and maybe it will coincide with my next chocolate making workshop!

      I hope you are well and happy!

      Big peace
      Susan x

  2. katie k says:

    Just to say how much I miss Stockbridge Chocolatiers. It was absolutely the
    best chocolate in the world, fabulous texture and flavours – sadly I didn’t have time to try them all. Raeburn Place is not the same without it!

    I read on a linked site an email dated 17 February 2010 saying that Steve might be going to sell his chocolate online at some point. I would definitely be a customer.


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