The Big 'D'!

The last week seems to have been a really busy one!
I have been flying about the town with posters for my next raw chocolate making class and already the response has been HUGE!
It is great to know that soon there will be raw chocolate creations popping up in many more Edinburgh based fridges!

Today, I am following up from a recent post (21st May) on SUNLIGHT and Vitamin D.
Last time I was sharing with you a video from the Longevity Conference in the US.
If the folks in the US think they don’t get enough sun, what would they say to a life up here in Scotland?!
The Vitamin D levels in Scotland are one of the lowest on the planet.
It’s not only due to our positioning on the Earth, it’s got a huge amount to do with our lifestyles too.
We spend WAY too much time in doors.

Vitamin D, as you will hear in the following You Tube, plays a hugely important role in the body.
It is shown to stave off some of the most debilitating and deadly diseases; cancer, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and autoimmune diseases.
It quite simply turns your genes ‘on’ and ‘off’ regulating every cell in the body.
Imagine how you might feel then without this missing link?!

And, I bring you this information from CBN news!!!
I was pleased and refreshed to see that a mainstream news cast was passing on these facts.
The only part they don’t mention, that i’d like to add, is a solution that is starring us right in the face.
Don’t rely on supplements…
Get outside and make it a way of life.
Do whatever it takes to make your life sun-rich.
I know I feel better when I’m basking in warm sun.
If your life has reached a place where you spend 90% of the time in doors, on a computer, over a desk… life is out of balance.
You know it’s time to make a change.
Sun is life and life should involve sun… LOTS OF IT!
I’m on a mission to make it so.


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