Grow Your Own…

… It’s so easy!

Welcome to the first of many exciting video blogs that we hope will help you learn a bit more about  the fundamentals of enriching your life with healthy, vibrant foods.

Today we show you our beautiful indoor garden which Steve spends time tending daily to ensure we stay super charged with sunshine energy!

You know how good it feels when you get sunshine on your skin. Well, imagine how good you could feel by actually filling every cell in your body with this direct nutrition.

Chlorophyll is as close as you can get to consuming sunshine as food!
It is the green pigment in plants which allows sunshine to combine with water and CO2 to form carbohydrates.

Chlorophyll is the lifeblood of the plants…
It is literally condensed solar energy in a drink!
It brings life to the plants…
…and the most fascinating thing is its close resemblance to that which brings life to us…
HAEMOGLOBIN! The only difference is that the chlorophyll molecule has magnesium as it’s centre whereas haemoglobin has iron.

It is said that chlorophyll can be converted directly into haemoglobin in the lymphatic system..
This would account for its proven ability to quickly restore red blood cell counts and could be why wheatgrass juice (Steve’s favorite!) gives us instant energy!

So start your own indoor garden today!

Check out our online store at:
… to find some inspirational and informative books which will get you well on your way to growing some truly magical food.

Finally, before we go, here’s what our beautiful little strawberry plant offered us this week… delicious!

Wild, fresh, beautiful and YUMMY!

Big Love and Liquid Sunlight!
xxx Sue and Steve xxx


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