The Truth Is…

I have been in a whirlwind of events over the past couple of weeks, and each time I came to sit down to write a blog a fog came over me… How can I explain these feelings?! What can say that is of use to anyone? I am a teacher and I want to pass this on but somedays I just thought… I just don’t have the time to do this!

There was too much going on for me to try and write a blog to make sense of it all and keep in touch with the technological highway….

I have a feeling this is where ‘Twitter’ and ‘Facebook’ come in for most people… It is something that I myself don’t do but I can see why some people do use it to communicate. It is fast, easy and ticks the ‘keep in touch’ box well enough to make us feel satisfied or releived for a day or so.

But I had this worry that I HAD to write a blog or I wasn’t doing my job!!!

And what would the point have been in that?
Trying to verbalise times that just don’t have words is no use to anyone.

Today, I sat back and realised I had learned so much in these weeks.
A fast paced life has just kept delivering exactly what I have been asking for, for a long time.
Yes, I have been ultra ‘busy’ with life but it has been the most amazing time… and all is coming!
Big changes are on the horizon for me and Steve.

Insted of trying to do everything and keep my ‘inbox’ under control, there were times where I had to just hold up my hands and say no, I can’t do any more, I just have to stop for a second…

Thank goodness that both Steve and I have been blessed with the knowledge of how to keep ourselves well in a life that sometimes makes it very difficult to keep up with.
In the meantime, with this knowledge in us, finding the ‘things’ we need to keep us well while living in a city based life, has become increasingly harder to do.
This includes finding sun light, fresh, organic fruits and veg, moving more and having the time to do those simple fun things.
It is at times like these I see many folks reaching for a bottle of wine, a cigarette or some other kind of mental blocker to make it all go away for an evening!
However, This certainly is not going to set us in good stead for what is around the corner. In fact it will just make tomorrow even harder than today.

As we have both been so strongly asking for this big change, a huge opportunity has landed on our doorstep.
We will be much better off if we feel amazing on the way!

Some of you already know we are planning to host the most amazing retreat in Costa Rica in March!

Not only has this brought huge changes to our immediate life plans but also to what lies a little further on the horizon.
More to come on this in the coming weeks!

In the meantime, like I said, we focus on keeping ourselves well wherever possible.

…and sun-gazing if we are so deeply blessed with a cloudless sky here and there.

Look after yourself and the rest will look after itself.
The really important stuff will happen on it’s own.
Like LOVE!

Because when all else fails… The truth is LOVE is all you need…

Fields of gold

All you need is LOVE!... And gratitude (and a darn good birthday cake if I say so myself!)

I am so grateful
I am loved
And you know what
You are loved too

Now do some sun salutations, we need that sun out!

Big Love to you
S xxx


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