Green machine!

The adventures continue throughout the day!
Here you get to see what goes in to one of our daily green drink/smoothy/soup.
We’ve had lots of questions lately about the difference between a juice and a smoothy.

So, a smoothy is all the parts blended up, nothing taken away.
For a juice, (and we will show you this soon too) you are given the JUICE and not the masses of pulp/fiber.

Our green drinks REALLY fill us up and taste AMAZING.
We are totally addicted to these soups and love it with some raw nori sheets torn up into little bits.

We’ll get on to showing you how to make that basil-hempini too… mmm mmm!

Check it out!

As always, we can’t wait to share more and more with you!
Keep in touch on our YouTube channel and by subscribing to the blog too!

In the meantime, we have SO much organizing to do it is unbelievable!
Updates on our Costa Rican adventure and more news on our Vibrant Health Retreat coming soon!

Have a greeeeeeeeeeeeen fueled day!
We know you’ll feel good 😉

Big Peace
S & S


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