Stepping out of the box!

It’s a sunny day here in Edinburgh as you can see at the beginning of todays video blog!
Today is just a wee update for you…

Unfortunately, I had a bit of a nightmare this morning since discovering there was fraudulent activity on my bank account!
If it wasn’t for stocking up on food and general shopping the past couple of days, I might have been a little bit stuck.
So, it was just another reminder to me the whole money thing really doesn’t work.
What would we do if our bank cards were stopped?
How would we survive?
There was a time when some of us used cacao beans for money, but nowadays we depend on electronic signals instead!
It’s a funny way of representing what our working hours equate to but it is so hugely accepted now that we rarely even question it.
I guess this is another reason why our move to Costa Rica soon makes so much sense… to be able to see the fruits of our labor growing on the trees or standing before us as sustainably built bamboo structures.
Big Love!
Excitedly yours
S & S xxxx


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