Destination Costa Rica

Costa Rica
On Tuesday September 14th 2010 wee-yogi embarks on a journey that had been excitedly awaited for over 6 months now.
After 2 solid weeks of packing up, selling everything we own and making sure we were fighting fit for what lay ahead; a 24 hour exodus from Edinburgh Scotland to San Jose Costa Rica would be a walk in the park for us!
I spent Monday night diving in and out of rooms at my parents house where we were staying working out how to fit ‘our life’ into a suitcase, slowing realising how unrealistic that would be. I had to just trust that whatever we had forgotten or didn’t have with us wasn’t any where near as important as leaving the country feeling centered, relaxed and excited!
I spent my last few hours on Scottish soil having cuddles and laughs with my mum and dad as well as just making sure I was still breathing!

My parents are professional planners.
Dad jumped on and off bathroom scales making sure we didn’t have a colossal excess baggage fee at Edinburgh airport.
Mum dried our last minute laundry around the house.
At times like these, my parents always seem to step in and pull me from right brain to left no matter how hard I resist.
They did and do more than I could ever manage to list here in one sitting.
Thank you, I love you xxx


Having travelled before I was lucky enough to have experienced the ‘I wish I’d brought x,y,z…’ syndrome. So, as the wall clock hit 1am I let go and decided I’d done all that I could to logistically prepare… it was time just to sit back and enjoy the ride.
Remember what drives you soul and why you are doing this wee-yogi.
I now realize more than ever you simply cannot plan for taking on something like this.
I remember the day Steve and I decided to leave Scotland, we had many months to plan and prepare, it felt like there was no way we could be less than organized but each day, life happened…
… days, weeks, months  passed and as September arrived we were still far from being ‘ready’.
I personally feel now that the only way to do it is just to go for it.
Neither Steve or I had ever been to Costa Rica (…this was in fact Steve’s first trip out of the UK)
We were both diving into the unknown, moving to a country that we had only ever read and dreamed about.
Friends and family had passed on what they knew and I had done so much research on where we were going I could have written a book about it!
Still, nothing could have prepared us for what was to come…

We made our journey by air to Costa Rica.
For those of you who know our lifestyle you will appreciate that travelling in an air-plane is one of the last places we want to find ourselves… but to get to where you want to be, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do and you do the best you can with what’s available!
All I can say is thank god for bee pollen and chlorella tablets!

As the polite air hostesses hand out plates of gourmet food (hahaha!) we munch on the food of the gods.

The build up to our departure had been a whirlwind of events.
Neither of us had had time enough to really digest what we were about to do, we were on auto pilot towards leaving.
As the planes wheels left the run way not Steve or I could hold back the emotions brought on by that reality of the situation.
We’d said our good byes to our family.
Our remaining beloingings sat in sealed boxes in my parents loft….
Suddenly the excitement and reality of the unknown and the build of of the previous few weeks exploded inside of us.
What better way to celebrate and release any residual fear than with a kiss and cuddle and a bar of raw cacao?!

Next stop, New York for a 5 hour transfer…
We spent the time having fun with customs as they raked through our luggage, explaining the ins and outs of being a traveling ‘healthy person’… algeas, chia seeds, raw cacao, thermometers, wild herbs… there was a serious lack of sun screen, flip flops and sun hats in our luggage.
Thankfully the only thing we had confiscated was a dangerous looking grapefruit, extracted from our possession with suspicious eyes and rubber gloves.
For any ‘raw fooders’ out there, it seems this is the best distraction when wanting to avoid 30 kilos of super-foods, medicinal mushrooms and precious algae from being lost in transit!!!

From New York to San Jose Costa Rica.
This part of the journey was much less than fun.
As we drifted in and out of restless sleep we reveled in the joys of the other tired travelers body odor or drunken banter.

However, somehow we made it to our final destination for the day, a back packers paradise (The Holiday Inn Express!) for 2 nights before embracing the next leg of our journey to the jungle.
I spent 2 days milking the free international calls for ever second I could while Steve paced the outdoor pool in absolute shock of this new sensation of real heat, sun, on his skin.

We ventured out a couple of times too… with coconuts and  any kind of fresh foods we could get our hands on, we were dangerously determined!

Rested (sort of) fed (well kind of) and watered (almost) the next mission lay before us…
A 3 hour drive from San Jose to San Isidro following a route kindly pointed out to me by my Dad as ‘the road of death’…
Sounds like my kind of adventure!
Luckily we left early…. unlucky we both developed an instant addiction for Costa Rican Coconuts on the road to the jungle!
As our little toy 4X4 struggled up and up and up, we hit some pretty thick fog and there were a few moments I wondered if we were going to make it!

But, without blowing my own trumpet too much, I got us there in one piece and learned the ins and outs of 4 wheel driving as Steve gave me a crash course along the way.

One last call home from the foot of the mountain gave us the breather we needed before heading up the mountain to Erics’ land at  La Joya Del Sol.
We breathed a deep sigh and realised this was it, we’d almost made it.

The landscape from San Isidro was truly stunning.
We watched in awe as we climbed higher still passing jungle full of vines and trees bigger than any i’d seen before.
This was the Avatar i’d been drawn to in the first place.
Papaya, banana, coconut and many other foods I couldn’t recognize hung on the trees around us, but as the sun began to make its decent we knew we couldn’t waste any more time gawping at the scenery, there would be time for that, we had to get up there before the night fell and the rain came… we had a tent to pitch!

As the paved road turned to gravel we smiled smuggly, we’d made it without getting lost like everyone back in San Jose had said we would!
Erics farm sits about 20 minutes up hill from the paved road and this is where things start to really feel like the jungle….

To be continued…. 😉


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