A new direction… so soon?

We arrived at Erics only 1 hour before sun set (not advised!) and we are told the rain was on the way too…
So, after a brief intro to the farm and a big hello to our host, we trucked down to our campsite to pitch the tent.
Along the way Eric kindly points out not to step on the fire ants home and if possible avoid getting lost in the overgrowth on the way back up to the ranch!

With the tent set up and our belongings under cover we made our way back up to the rancho to spend more time getting to know our host… after only email and Skype contact face to face contact was well over due!
It gets dark here dead on 6pm so we didn’t have long before the ‘no-see-ums’ (spelling?!) started to bite… tiny little black insects that do their work just after sunset.
We made our way back down to the tent in torrential down pours and snuggled up.
Having said all of that, the first night at La Joya Del Sol was the driest!
As the rains came down we thought this was what a big shower in Costa Rican jungle must be like… how wrong we were! This was nothing compared to the nights to follow…
And, rain isn’t the only element to deal with at this time of year…
The wind also does an excellent job of guiding the rain directly in all 4 sides of the platform.
This was making our carefully set up dwelling more like a boat deck in the middle of the atlantic during a storm!
We really were facing the elements head on…
It was proving impossible to keep our belongings dry and by night the only comforts we had was the knowing that at least our bodies would stay dry (ish) in our base camp tent!
We huddled together awaiting the following morning sun shine (which didn’t always come!)…

On a lighter note, it didn’t take long for my body to adjust to the perfect rhythms of natural sleep.
I welcomed awakening each morning (…and still do) at 5:30am and ventured out of the tent to view the next display of fascinating wild life.
Toucans, humming birds, dragon flies and howler monkeys.
This was the display I had been wishing for through the night and nature delivered.
I loved and reveled in the true beauty of nature all around us.

dragonfly sky

We were given our first real introduction to Erics land when we ventured deep into the jungle to sample our first fresh spring fed waterfall experience together!
After a long hike and some fruit picking along the way the jungle opened up to a water park from heaven…
Natural full body massagers all around us made the cold water the last thing on our minds as we allowed the water to wash away any residual aches from a few nights in the blowing gales and tent lifestyle.

Eric kindly spent time showing us what he had already managed to manifest and create at La Joya Del Sol.
His work showed true mastery which had come together with his own hands plus the help of many volunteers over the previous 4 years.
The buildings that already existed were inspiring and awesome, we took our hats off to his hard work and determinism again and again.

Two days passed and our proposed new home continually amazed us… but in all honesty there was something in the air that needed to be discussed…
Jungle life aside, Steve and I spent the early nights showing each other our minds and our thoughts were shared as we laid them out on the tent platforms floor.
It didn’t take long for us to figure out that La Joya Del Sol, as beautiful as it is, simply was not the place for us.
It just did not resonate with either of us in the way we had expected.

Steve and I are blessed with a connection between us that does not allow for anything to go left unsaid.
In that, it was easy for us both to learn that the other was feeling the same way.
The land was stunning.
The nature was mind blowing.
Everything about this place was the jungle paradise we had envisioned.
But there was something that just didn’t feel quite right about a future there.
Given time to talk and listen to our instincts we both knew creating a life there was not in alignment with how we felt inside.
The possibilities we had hoped for there were not quite what it turned out to be in reality.

We were both so disappointed that it did not turn out the way we had thought  and dreamed it might.
Building a home there along side a healing centre to share with others, was something we had both felt so strongly about in our hearts for many months previous…
But at this time we were just grateful to have realized in good time that this wasn’t where this vision was going to be manifest.
It was with great sadness that we have now had to let go of this vision and look to create a new one, especially after placing all of our trust and energy into the previous…
But with our inbuilt determination, which we are both so blessed to have, we made swift plans to move on.

This adventure seems to continually build more and more strength between Steve and I and each time one slips into worry, the other is there to turn it around.
In one breath we set our sights on a retreat I had stumbled upon months before, where I had originally hoped to host my students for a a one off jungle yoga retreat.

A view of Finca De Vida from down below!

Up the hill, over looking Erics’ land at *Finca De Vida*
A place that had once lured into exploring what Costa Rica had to offer many months ago.

Having only heard good things about this place from many sources, and knowing a little about the ethos behind it, we booked ourselves in and co-ordinated our move…

Having let go of our life in Scotland completely, selling up everything, both physically and emotionally detaching ourselves from the life we were leading there… it wasn’t an easy 24 hours of realizations…
We kept the spirit alive by reminding each other this was an oportunity to manifest a new way forward together using the experience we’d had to ensure that whatever we invest ourselves into is well explored and feels right for us both.

There was a lot of re-calibrating, thinking and  talking for Steve and I to do, but we are getting pretty darn good at that.

I’d asked for fluidity in my life and I sure got it…

To be continued 😉 AGAIN!


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