10 10 10

We woke this morning a little later than usual and noticed the recent morning sun wasn’t there to bless us today!
It’s rainy season here in Costa Rica… so it rains… we get that now!
Regardless of weather, we smile sweetly to ourselves.
Something seems has shifted, it feels good, like we have a direction again.
We move through our morning routines under the sound of heavy showers on the tin roof of our cabin.

On this unique date in the gregorian calender, we are up in the clouds there is still so much beauty all around us.
As always, millions of swarming dragonflies fill the skies but there is a slight melancholic feeling in the air up here today…

I ask the universe for Fleetwood Mac and it is delivered by our DJ Dr. Wilko.

There are simply too many tracks to choose from but this one came on first and boy does she hit the nail on the head…

‘Drowning in a sea of love, where everyone would love to drown’

We have made some exciting plans of where to next and I am itching to tell all…
but today I just felt a need to share this musical magic with you.
Play, dance and enjoy 🙂
Big big oceans of LOVE xxx


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