A celebratory (green) drink to Arizona!

Hey everybody!

Today we wanted to take the opportunity to show you around the organic greenhouse here at Finca De Vida.

We are lucky enough to be able to pick fresh everyday and make a homegrown meal…
And some hibiscus flowers make the perfect finishing garnish… YUM!

The difference in eating green this fresh, this local, is massive… you can taste the difference and feel it too!

Check it out:

So, just 4 more sleeps until we jet off to Arizona!
Little did we know that after only 2 weeks we’d find our way to something so perfect!
Like I describe in this video, we are both so excited to be taking this opportunity.
Here is the link to the folks we are going to be working for:


As you can see, Vivapura is the home to our favorite super-foods, including Jarrah bee pollen πŸ™‚ spirulina crunchies πŸ™‚ stone ground nut butters πŸ™‚ (to name a few of our saint-like addictions!)

We must have been radiating our love for their products so strongly that we wound up being offered some work there!!!

Check out their mission statement…

Vivapura: Pure Superfoods for Life is passionate about bringing you the highest quality Superfoods available anywhere in the world market. We have searched the globe to find rare nutrient dense foods that meet strict criteria:

1. Raw Food / Nutrient Dense Food – dried or prepared in such a way at low temperatures that preserves all the enzymes, vitamins, minerals and unique healing properties.

2. Organically Grown Food or Wild Harvest Food – grown in harmony with the Earth and preserving healthy natural ecosystems.

3. Ethical Food – grown, harvested & prepared including such standards as vegan, fair trade and environmentally supportive.

4. Handmade Food – All of our proprietary creations are handcrafted with care in small batches to ensure superior quality, human-scale livelihoods, artistic delight and infusion with love.

The Result: Delicious vegan raw foods that support well-being on all levels. You can feel good that you are nourishing your body with conscious nutrition that invigorates health, energy and awareness. And you are also making a significant contribution to Green Living and Sustainable Societies.

Pretty perfect for us don’t you think?! We can’t believe how blessed we are to have been offered this chance…
After all that we have been through this came like the sun after a storm…

So, excited, ready and raring to go…
We’ll be sharing this adventure with you every step of the way…
Watch out Arizona, team wee-yogi is on it’s way!

Big Love
xxx S&S xxx


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