From Costa Rican Jungle…. to Arizonian desserts!

Well, we made it! We are actually in Arizona!
Somehow our journey to the jungle was flipped on it’s head…
If you have been watching and following the blog you will already know that we were guided to the dessert by absolute divine intervention…
It was a hard reality at the time but we don’t get knocked off our horse that easy!

So, Steve and me are now working at Vivapura in Patagonia Arizona!
Steve is the ‘master grinder’ operating the stone grinder while I am helping out in the office with all kinds of fun stuff.
We are learning too much to tell about the superfood world, especially since we are working for the most ethical company going.
It’s a complete change to what we thought we would have been doing since we left the UK but it is an exciting and hugely educational experience….
We are both missing the Costa Rican jungle hugely but we know we will return in the not too distant future…
I am looking forward to returning to teaching once I’ve enjoyed a long sabbatical, for now I enjoy practicing every day in my new space. I play, create and nourish each morning ever grateful for the gift of yoga.
For now, we are soaking up these exciting times in the USA, surrounded by inspirational people, making new friends and expanding our horizons.
The daily lessons are forming a rich tapestry of life we will both be excited to share with others wherever we can.
If you are thinking of traveling… go for it!
You know, there is nothing like letting go and being guided by your own trust in this chaos!
I am excited to show you The Tree of Life soon…. check it out for your self:
…which is only 1 mile from our door!
Sometimes I just cannot believe how amazing this journey has been so far!
The people we have met, the places we are going, the things we see…
Some things I would never have imagined and only ever dreamed of!
But here we are!
If you dream… be careful… they seem to come true!
Excited to show you more as we settle in to our new flow…
Big love and big peace for now…
S xxx


7 thoughts on “From Costa Rican Jungle…. to Arizonian desserts!

  1. Emma says:

    That looks amazing! The last few months have been like some kind of soap opera for you guys! I hope you enjoy lots of amazing times in the dessert 🙂

    • wee yogi says:

      Hey Emma!
      I was just thinking of you today! How are you!? Thanks for your comment! Yep. it sure has been a roller coaster of a time! We’re loving it here though and going with the flow! 🙂 xxx big hug to you xxx

    • wee yogi says:

      Hey Laura! Great! I’m so pleased you found it… see you next week and we’ll set up a date! Thanks again for amazing yoga-ing again today… Big love! xxx

  2. Julie says:

    Hey I want that Durian I have heard so much about them I really want to taste them send some up to me LOL. It looks amazing out there.

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