A trip to Tucson… and we found DURIAN! Hee haa!

Today we wanted to take you with us to Tucson!

We had a fun Saturday shopping at Whole-foods with our new friends Michelle and Robert who are also living and working here in Patagonia.
Regardless of our change of direction we are so enjoying this new beginning, making new connections every day.
Everything is new and different which has been a real test to our adaptability skills!
We are both learning so much and are excited to show you more of what we have been doing here at ‘Vivapura’.
But… it’s the weekend, time for some serious FUN! And it’s halloweeeeeeen!!!!
Wooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooo!
In the USA Halloween is HUGE, all the houses are made up to look like something out of a scary movie and there’s partys going on everywhere! Tonight, we’re having a party of our own…
As many of you living the live foods lifestyle will know… Durian is a rare and exciting find!
….And we got some in Tucson thanks to Michelles’ keen eye for all things fabulous and raw! 🙂
I am so looking forward to our Durian feast later on tonight!
Watch out trick or treaters, this might not be the kind of treat you are looking for!
Durian smells a bit like sweaty socks and sweet onion!
Sounds good huh!?
… trust me, I wasn’t convinced either but…
… after one taste, the power of durian creeps into your blood, you will never be able to resist it again!
Big Love xxx


2 thoughts on “A trip to Tucson… and we found DURIAN! Hee haa!

  1. Kat says:

    Hey Honey, just watched your wee-movies, all’s looking beautiful and amazing for you guys! nice to see your seeing blue sky and sunshine. Hopefully one day I get to taste Durian, sounds totally weird! God what an exciting adventure your on- embrace and enjoy and look forward to speaking to you soon. all my love kat xxx

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