Weeyogi writes again…

Wow it’s been a while since I blogged, this feels almost alien but at the same time so exciting!
Steve and I have now been here in Arizona for 7 weeks!
It has truly flown by…
Since we left Costa Rica Mid-October we have encountered many new challenges.
Most of the challenges we have come across have had absolutely nothing to do with the jungle whatsoever and I often find myself wondering how we managed to make our way back to a lifestyle like this.
Originally we had planned to set up a new life in a tropical jungle, live sustainably off the land and re-connect to nature.
Unfortunately our dreams were shattered as we discovered the place we were going to settle was not exactly as it had been portrayed to us.
Thankfully, we found Farm Of Life, a little up the hill from our original destination.
You can look back to previous blogs to see what we got up to there and how this healing sanctuary showed us that the lifestyle we had been seeking was possible, it just wasn’t our time…

So, for those of you who have been watching, I wanted to share with you a video from Jody at Farm of Life on our last day and from there an update of what’s been happening at Farm Of Life…
Something tells me we just weren’t supposed to stay at that time, but our short visit there was meant to show us where we can return to… soon I hope!
So watch and find out:

Jody shows us from afar what we literally just missed as we flew out of the tropics…

Oh and so you remember Tom?
We met at Farm Of Life and shared some healing time together.
(Read this to be reminded: http://www.wee-yogi.co.uk/tom)
Check out his amazing weight loss and healing story… he looks amazing!!!

So, who knows when we will be back in Costa Rica but I know I feel a connection to it already.
Arizona is a stunning place, the surroundings for our new adventure is breathtaking and I am looking forward to posting more blogs so you can see for yourself.
I think the biggest challenge for us has been letting go of what we thought would be our future in Costa Rica, forgiving, loving and losing the fear of what might be in it’s place.
However, we have also been busy processing other obstacles… relating to new surroundings, dry dry days and cold cold nights…
Not to mention room mates that were sent to test every ounce of our patience…
Some times I REALLY miss my tent!
HOWEVER! We are not defeated!
Our new work is teaching us so much.
Everyday I learn more I feel the lessons I needed to receive may not have been of the jungle kind!

Teaching yoga has taken a back seat for now.
I miss passing on the gift of movement and how it can help process so much but I also acknowledge that to do be able to do that you must first learn it and experience it for yourself.
I can really see that this part of my evolution will bring all kinds of new perspectives and lessons to my yoga classes…
Adaptation being one of the biggest.
And of corse unconditional love, fearlessness and forgiveness.
In the meantime, I am enjoying some truly wonderful teachings from some wonderful local teachers here in Patagonia, Chip and Laura… http://www.chipandlaura.com
I look forward to interviewing them for the blog so you can meet them for yourself!
I also look forward to setting up some yoga classes here in Patagonia soon, perhaps after the new year!
Chip and Laura have kindly offered me their space, while Krisanga at the Vivapura Warehouse is encouraging me to set up a class there in a huge tent to keep the warm in…
So, I have work to do and decisions to make!
In the meantime, I apologize for my absence!
Thanks to all of you who thought I’d dropped off the radar, I am back and ready to share the fun again!
For those of you in the snow… I am wishing you a cosy winter, stay warm and don’t worry if you can’t get to work! šŸ˜‰
Keep your eyes open for news on a possible retreat in Costa Rica next year and tons of other stuff that I am so excited to share with you over the next few blogs!
Big big love to you all
I miss you!
Susan xxxxx


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