'Brain-Food Brownies'…

Brain Food Brownies with Cashew Creme

…Well that’s what I like to call them anyway since it gives me more of an excuse to eat them all!!!
Brain Food Brownies are full of pecans and walnuts which many people say are good for your brain.
It works the same for lots of other foods too…
If a food looks like a body part it’s got good stuff in it for that part especially!
Carrots = eyes (when you look at a cross section of corse!)
There are many more examples but that’s not why were here today… so lets get back to the BROWNIES!

Yesterday (Saturday) me and Steve enjoyed a day off work and I got the chance to try out a new recipe I had dreamed about last week.
We have access to the BEST cacao now we are working at Vivapura so I couldn’t wait to try it out in this reciepe!
We also get the best raw pecans and raw vanilla so it would be rude not to try them out too…
Check out the results….
Wow, these were too yummy!
But, I did manage to save enough to take some into the warehouse tomorrow for every body to try.
Here’s the reciepe… let me know how yours turn out!

1 cup Walnuts (soaked in pure water for 4 hours then rinsed well)
1.5 cups Peacns
2 cups Raw Cacao Powder
10 pitted dates (Medjool work the best!)
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 pinches pink salt

Blend pecans until fully ground but not too far that they turn into a butter.
Add the rest of the ingredients and blend it all up in a food processor until it forms a big doughy mixture (let the walnuts remain pretty chunky to give a nice texture.
Set in the fridge for as long as you can resist!
This made 8 small brownies…
Or one BIG one!!!! 😉


S xxxxx


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