New Year 2010

Christmas and New Year in Patagonia…
Little did I think that this is where I would be now!
Patagonia is a small town of only 900 residents, set deep in the dessert about 50 miles south of Tucson.
Living in the dessert, Christmas feels quite different to back in Scotland.
The days that led up to it were hot and dry allowing us to soak up some sun in our lunch hours.
Christmas day was a great opportunity to sit back, relax, enjoy some more sun and just be…

Christmas morning in the sun with cacao!

Me and Steve enjoy a walk among Mesquite trees

Clear Blue Skies

I can’t help but wonder where we’ll be this time next year.
All I know is that I am interested to see what is next!
I seem to have a habit of ending up in the most unlikely places, adventure and mystery at every turn!

Now the Christmas holidays are behind us, I can feel the energy of the New Year upon me.
Mondays new moon is adding to the general vibe of new beginnings…..

Today I started a juice feast 🙂
I feel it’s time to give my body an MOT after all the traveling and changes I have put it through.
The last month or so, things have moved towards being a little more settled…
Now is the perfect time to wash away any built up debris from the journey.
I have learned that by removing the blockages in my physical, emotional and spiritual levels makes a difference every time.
It is always for the better although I can’t say it’s easy every time!
A lot goes on in just one day which, if allowed, can add to the resistance of just being and enjoying the ride.
It also means that true visions can become blurred. We can even find it hard to work out what is real and what is created in our own minds as a result of all the blockages
Taking the weight off my organs and having a good old clean up will be one of the best things I could do.
It also sets a great foundation for allowing this year to be even easier and filled with more joy and less resistance…
I have learned that literally anything could happen, being open to that will save me a lot of time worrying and hence more blockages.

So, I’m wishing everyone a happy new beginning in whatever way, shape or form you decide to practice making a fresh start.
Open your arms and embrace it all 🙂
Excitedly yours!
Susu xxx


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