Juicey Juicey in the dessert…

xxx My Hero... Green juice xxx

I have been juicing for one week now and I am loving it!
After all the ups and downs, my body is loving the break from heavy foods.
The first 2 days were hardest as I had a big headache and very little energy, but I just went with it and didn’t push too hard.
This is my main advice for anyone who decides to juice feats/fast, go with how you feel, don’t force anything.
Juicing takes a lot of weight off the organs, allowing healing energy to be directed to where it is needed.
Another point to observe is how you might usually use food as a stimulant to help you through tough times, be it physical or emotional, either way without this vice we can start to see where we need to direct our attention and start to really heal ourselves.
Now I can really see how much desire I have to do something since I am not using food to help me get there!

Juice time!

During this week, work has been especially demanding.
There are a lot of changes going on and stress and emotions are flying high.
By juicing, I have been able to direct my energy where it is needed and not get caught up in the drama of it all.
I am really grateful to my folks for some Christmas money, I was able to buy a new juicer (Omega 8006) which makes a lot easier 🙂 yey!

Good bye Green Star, hello Omega 8006!

This only arrived on Thursday so I am looking forward to my 2nd week of juice to be much more simple and straightforward!
My fave juice of the moment is:

1 head celery
1 BIG honey crisp apple
1 BIG bunch kale
1 small bunch parsley
1 BIG bunch spinach…
…All organic of corse!

Juicey juicey!

Happy Juicing!
Big Love!
S xxx


One thought on “Juicey Juicey in the dessert…

  1. Julie says:

    Hi Sue can you really say you love green juice, no matter how much I have it is like a punishment to drink it, like when my Mum used to make us take cod liver oil, I don’t think I will ever get used to the taste. LOL

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