Top Tip TV Trio!

This week me and Steve have been educating ourselves across the board!
It is amazing what you can find online using YouTube and various other resources.
The movies we watched this week were profound for us both.
We were not only educated on some really important topics, but also reminded of the importance of living consciously and why we choose to follow the path we are on…

To start we discovered ‘What In The World Are They Spraying?’
Ever wondered what all the stripes in the sky are about?
It seems over the past hundred years, the jet streams behind airplanes are taking longer and longer to dissipate.
It perhaps isn’t something many of us would notice or wonder about but sometimes we over look something that is in fact a hugely important issue.
Steve and I feel it would actually be irresponsible of us NOT to share this with you!
Take the time to watch this and find out what in the world are they spraying…
‘What In The World Are They Spraying?’:

The next movie we wanted to share with you reminded me of why I was so inspired to follow the path I have chosen in the first place.
‘The Beautiful Truth’ is not only an educational look at Gerson therapy but also the REASONS behind it.
We feel that if you learn this stuff now, you won’t NEED to use the Gerson therapy in the future OR this movie will open up a door to healing especially if you feel you have come to a dead end in your healing path
‘The Beautiful Truth’:

The final film of the week we would like to share with you was another HUGE reminder and awakening for us.
‘Fuel’ tells the startling story of the fuel industry.
It gives an in depth look at where it came from, how it evolved and where it is going.
Just like the above 2 movies, there IS HOPE and that’s what make these films worth watching.
We’d rather watch a movie like this and end on a high note, with inspiration and motivation to make the changes we can make, easily today, to give back to ourselves and the planet.
We really feel there is no need to go out there and attack the things we may fear or that may be destroying the planet, unless there are alternatives and ways to move forwards included in the message.

These films have ignited fire in us both.
They are a great trio to watch if you are the kind of mind that desires to be inspired and be part of positive change in this world.
It is so great these films are available for free too!

Stay tuned for our next blog… ‘The Great Cacao Debate!’
There is recent argument over cacao being ‘good’ or ‘bad…
We are HAPPY to give our perspective on this hot topic!

Enjoy and we’ll talk to you soon!
Love light and Peace!
xxxxxxxxxxx S&S xxxxxxxxxxxx


4 thoughts on “Top Tip TV Trio!

  1. sbeenie says:

    HA! I definately look forward to the big cacao debate! I assume I sparked this one off?? I’m still confused and had no time to research further, especially into the guys past… but one thing is for sure, my cacao smoothies with coconutwater are not affecting me in any harmful way as far as I consciencously can observe! I feel great with them! I miss you guys! thanks for the filmtips! hope to check them out these days and yes, I was well reminded about intentions this week and a new film is suddenly magically underway :)))) BIG HUG!xx

    • wee yogi says:

      …You sure did, there has been a lot of controversy flying about when it comes to cacao… seems crazy to think that people would rather focus on such a super powerful ancient food rather than the real issues out there like GMO’s and non-organic produce.
      Keep an eye out for our cacao debate, it’s coming….! End keep enjoying that cacao blissfulness till your hearts content! S xxx

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