Keep your eye on your path…

…Stay connected…
With Thursdays New Moon it was a time to reaffirm what intentions I had set for myself this year.
I spent some time going over what that was in my mind and how I can make more effort to keep these intentions flowing!
Sometimes our intentions stray as we glide into February the winter still around us and Spring a little too far away to inspire us to stay focused…
I thought i’d share this little clip with you which I took this New Year at the Cady Hall in Patagonia…
I didn’t stay till midnight but the time I did spend there I remember lots of smiling faces and friends and fun.

This clip reminds me to have fun, be with friends and dance!
What did you set intentions for this year?
Remember all the fun you had at new year but also take a moment to remember what you decided to do for yourself.
Take some time to reaffirm and direct your energy back in line with what you see as your true purpose!
***Love and light on your path***
S xxx


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