A Yoga update from wee-yogi!

Before me and Steve left Edinburgh for Costa Rica, I hadn’t been to a yoga class in months 😦
Although I learned a lot from practicing alone, day after day, month after month I still missed being able to switch off and just do as I am told by the teacher!
I LOVED teaching back in edinburgh, it fed my soul and taught me so much, but I often craved the odd yoga class for myself…
That simply wasn’t possible in Costa Rican jungle either! However, I loved truly my new jungle platform to practice alone some more and go deeper into my yoga practice through self exploration.
As sad as we were to leave the jungle, there have been some unexpected bonuses of being back on the radar for the time being.
One of those bonuses for me was LED YOGA! The chance to be the student again!
There is something about being in a class environment, or even just around other yogis that brings about a sense of community for me.
Since I have been here in Patagonia I was lucky enough to find Chip and Laura of….
Check it out!
Chip and Laura were advertising there classes all over town and I had heard great things about their teaching style, I was excited to try it out!
Since attending their classes I have learned so much from them, they have a unique approach, are inspiring and fun.
I have been really excited about sharing their story with you and all that they teach.
Check out this series of videos I shot this weekend in a hot and sunny park in Patagonia.
I love how they take the yoga not only off the mat and into daily life, but also beyond, they use their yoga to stay playful and have fun… check it out!
From Forrest Yoga to AcroYoga to the all new ‘Slackline Yoga’….


I hope you enjoyed the videos!
Love, Peace & PLAY Time!
S xxxxxxxxx


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